Chapter 17 - Steve

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Steve hadn't managed to sleep at all after the bad news. He told himself he'd stay awake and keep an eye Chris in case she did anything out of anger. He was currently sat outside of Lily's hospital room, with Chris finally asleep, her head resting in his lap. He let out a sigh and rubbed his eyes before leaning is elbow on the armrest of the chair. How quickly the day had gone from happiness to mourning with just a phone call. He thought he'd seen the worst of Chris. But today proved him wrong. It took him an hour and a half to get her to finally stop crying, and then another hour to get her to sleep. It didn't tire him, though. He felt it was his duty.

He looked down at Chris sleeping soundly in his lap, running his fingers slightly through her dark hair. Her face was still pink and blotchy from all the tears she'd cried, and even now, her breathing was still resembling that of hiccups.
Steve never thought he'd find himself falling for a woman the way he did for Peggy. Let alone a woman with such a burden of powers she barely even understood. And now she was waging in a war when she hadn't even been in a battle.

Oh, Chris, Steve thought to himself, his thumb lightly brushing over the corner of her lips. He tried not to picture her upset, because that tended to upset him too. Instead he remembered her dimpled grin whenever she made some innuendo directed at him, or the sound of her high-pitched laugh when he didn't know something common. He smiled small to himself, remembering the way she kissed him merely hours before. The way she guided him into unchartered waters of the world of human intimacy.

"Mr Rogers?" A doctor came out from Lily's room, grabbing Steve's attention. Steve sat up carefully, trying not to wake Chris up.
"Please, call me Steve." He said quietly, holding his hand out to the short woman who was blushing slightly.
"Doctor Spivot." She said, shaking his hand. "I've just come to let you know that Ms Wyatt is out of her coma and she's ready to speak to her sister."
"Okay, thank you." Steve offered her smile. "Is she okay?"
"She's fine besides a sprained neck. We've put her in a cast, but she'll be fine."
"Thanks again," Steve nodded. "I'll just wake Chris up."  The doctor smiled and walked away, leaving Steve and Chris alone.

Steve let out a small sigh before gently tapping Chris' shoulder. "Chris." He called her softly. She groaned, stirring in her sleep, opening her eyes slowly. "Chris," Steve called again. "Your sister's up." Chris blinked, rubbing her eyes and sitting up sluggishly.
"What?" She asked, her voice hoarse.
"The doctor said that you're sister's awake. You can go talk to her now." Steve explained, watching her lean back on the chair, slowly resting her head on his shoulder.
"How do I tell her?" She whispered, staring at the room doors. Chris blew out a deep breath and looked at her.
"You just tell her," he said. "she's family and she needs to know." Chris sighed, not saying anything. "You want me to come with you?"
Chris took a moment before shaking her head and standing up, rubbing her nose. "No, I think I'll be okay." She answered him, running her hands through her hair. "Just be here when I come out."
"Okay." Steve nodded with an understanding smile.
"No, I'm being serious." She said, looking at him. "Promise me you'll be here."
"I promise you." Steve replied seriously. "Unless you want me to pinky promise you as well?"
Chris laughed slightly, holding up her pinky. The sound of her laugh filled Steve with a feeling of joy that made his heart beat a little faster. He lifted his own pinky and locked it with hers. They stayed like that for a moment, before Steve smiled reassuringly at her, giving her finger a light squeeze.

"I pinky promise you that I will not leave you, ever." He said. The words brought a smile to Chris' face, her dimples on full show. She then let go and started towards the hospital room, but she stopped and looked back at him, smiling small.

"How you make me smile in the darkest of times, I will never come to understand

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"How you make me smile in the darkest of times, I will never come to understand." She said softly. "But I am eternally grateful for it."

Steve nodded, watching her go into the room and then just watching the door close behind her. He couldn't help but feel a certain level of adoration for her. He wasn't sure if it was a simple crush because she was his first, or if he was actually falling in love with her. He was, however, able to understand one thing.

That whatever may be thrown at her in the days to come, he was ready to fight for her and protect her.

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