Part 41 🍩

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You woke up as the ride to NYC was ending. Your eyes opened as your hand felt a fuzzy carpet. You looked over at your left to see Leo sleeping as his shell was facing you. You sat up rubbing you temples. Your brain ached as it felt like it was being squished with someone's hands. Your hands covered your eyes as your nails dug into your skin, your teeth cringed. Raph looked over his shoulder to see you awake. "mornin' sleepy head." he greeted. Mikey looked over at you, "hey gurl!" mikey also greeted. You looked at him as your eyes a bright violet and reddened pupils. Your fangs grew like a demons and your shoulder spotted with scales. Their eyes widened. You growled as you looked around at your surroundings. You stood up crouched over a bit as you punched the truck's wall. You were trying to escape from this confined space. Donnie looked over their shoulders. "Raph! Your girlfriend is destroying my TRUCK!" Leo sat up seeing what the commotion was. April looked through the mirror then looked behind her not believing what she was looking at. Her mouth opened and her eyes widened. "APRIL!" Donnie screamed as he took a'hold of the wheel as she almost crashed into a telephone pole. She screamed causing mikey to scream cause she burned his eardrums. All the screaming bothered Your reptilian self so when you turned around you saw Leo staring at you. You ROARed in his face like a Lion and then climbed over the seat, your hands on Raphs shoulders and your feet on the seat's backing. You slipped passed Donnie and jumped through the door window that was rolled down. You swung on the lamp post like a gymnast, and then flew into the air as you crushed a cars roof with your strength as your body was in the position of a frog. Raphael breathing heavy "see..told u she'd make a great ninja." People were screaming and running as a car had crashed near you. You couldn't handle this screaming much longer. You Roared again as you jumped off the car and onto the brick building behind you with a back flip and used your extended nails to grab a'hold of each brick and spring yourself up more and more. The guys and April got out of the truck as they watch you climb up the apartment building. Raph ran after you as he climbed the building with his fingers. He wasn't going as fast as you were but he was doing a pretty decent speed. Leo and the others followed suit as they climbed. "April! Get in the truck we may need your help!" Donnie called out. She nodded and opened the door, fastened herself in and started the ignition. You made it to the top of the building as Raphael was closing in on you. You turned around and ran across to the other rooftop. You stepped on the ledge and jumped across the gap between the buildings as your legs extended into a full split. Your body rolled onto the rooftop as you stood yourself up nice and proud as you watch the guys catch up to you. Your eyes narrowed as you rose your upper lip to show a fang overlapping your bottom lip. You look to a good look around. Your vision skimmed the area and your eyes zoomed in to the beach far over. You were almost grabbed by Raphael but your dodge him; almost slow motion like. You ran over to your left towards the beach. "shit.." raph mumbled. He ran after you as did the others. "Where is she going??" Mikey yelled. "So far, seems like the beach." Donnie answered. "Whats at the beach??" Leo asked. "i dont really know. The most reptiles that evolved to the sea-water were crocodiles, sea turtles, snakes, and iguana. She's non of those. As far as i know anyways." Donnie explained. Raph thought of any reasons you would have. You arrived at the fence of the Beach before reaching where the people lounged and the oceans crashing waves in the salty air that felt like soda bubbles hitting your face. Your hair band that was keeping your hair into a ponytail got somehow caught on a tree branch you didn't see. You clawed at it and then when you saw Raph 10 feet away from you Running at max speed you turned around and tried running. You were caught in place for 5 long seconds then your hair tie broke in half releasing you hair. You ran and ran as you were then grabbed by Raphael on the arm. You kneed him in the face as you then escaped his grasp. He rubbed his cheek as he was kinda enjoying your feisty-ness with a smile. "Alright!" He said with a joy as he ran after you. You Looked over your shoulder to see him running at you with a smile. You then saw in the corner of your eye a volleyball about to hit your face but your claws caught it and popped it as you threw it to the ground. "Hey mommy look. Its the turtle men!" a little boy called out. The brunette pulled down her White rimmed sun glasses down to the ridge of her nose as she stared at them. April pulled up with the garbage truck on the sand before she got near the fence. You saw a cliff. It was the same cliff you went to on Raph and you'z first date. You climbed it without hesitation as did Leo and Raphael. Mikey and Donnie stayed below just in case. April ran over. "what's she doing?" April asked. "I have no idea." Donnie answered. "Well thats unsettling." Mikey giving his opinion. (Short hair- Your hair rustled through the winds. Long hair- Your hair glided along the winds over to your right.) You were almost to the top where the grassy patches live. you looked down to see them by your ankles. You jumped up 5 feet and then grabbed the ledge. You stood up as you watched them. You walked to the very edge of the cliff. You stood on the pointed, narrow end. Kinda like a really really freakin' high up diving board that doesn't bounce, and is really narrow. You were looking out to the Ocean as you were thinking. well more like your reptilian You was thinking not necessarily the Real you. "Y/N" You snapped your head shoulder looking at the boys. You didn't answer. "Come back..away from the edge." "No!" you told them with your voice more deeper. Raph was walking over to you as you took one inch back. "Y/N..Come on, lets get you back home." "Y/N. This isn't funny, Come here." Leo Commanded. You turned around as you walked the rest of the way. "Leonardo.." -silence- "I'm not one of your brothers." You let gravity take your body towards the sparkling waters. "Y/N!!!!" They both screamed. Raph jumped off the cliff after you. Don and mikey got up from the sitting on the sand and stood up surprised by their brothers calling you. "Over there!" Mikey pointed out to your falling body. Your fear of heights kicked in as the real you came back. You screamed as you realized what was happening. You were squirming. "RAPHAEL!!" You screamed. "HANG ON!" He called for you. He stretching his arms out as far as possible to try and grab you. You fell into the water as he was second. You were at the rocky, rough waters. You swam up to the top as harsh waves hit your face one after another. You gasped for air as you were dragged down by the current. Raph popped out of the water as he gasp. he looked around with his eyes widened; exactly like when he was about to jump out of the plane in the new movie. That look. He dove down looking around. It was hard with all the dirt and bubbles swirling away. He broke through the ocean to the surface to get more air. He dove back down as he swam down more to get a clearer view. He was panicking cause you were no where to be seen. He swam around that area for hours. The others were helping him but they stopped by time it was 5:50. Raph didn't though. He's been swimming from around 11:20am-5:50pm. He wasn't gonna stop either. Around 11:20 when their was no more sunlight to help him see the ocean underneath he stopped. He crawled onto the sand as he saw his brothers sharing a fire. April left awhile ago. There was nothing she could do at this point. Raph sat on the wet sand that kept getting splashed onto. He sat like a pretzel with his sai's stabbed into the sand beside him. He watched the white moon shine along the Blackened ocean. "where are you." He asked outloud but not yelling though. He sat there for another 4 hours. He fell asleep for only 2 hours as he woke up and waited for the sun to come up. it was 5:45 am. The sun was peaking with a red burst. He then saw you walk out of the ocean. Like a for real Ariel moment. But no sparkly dress. You were in your Lizard form with your tail swinging and everything. Raph stood up slowly. he stood their as he waited for you to do something. You collapsed onto the tiny ocean waves. The waves people horse back ride on, or just walk on. Your natural skin color showed through as your scales went away along with your fangs and claws. "Y/N" he cried as He ran over to you and plopped onto his knees. he held your limp body in his arms. "Y/N.." He turned you over to see you have a bruise on your left shoulder. He picked you up from the wet sand that also covered your body. Your jeans no exactly ripped but they were ruined at this point. Your white tank top, not white anymore. And your Osiris Sneakers need a real good drying. He walked passed Donnie and Mikey as they were still sleeping. Leo was on the other side sound asleep on the cool sand. He laid a towel down on the back seat so sand doesn't get everywhere then he put you on the whole backseat and covered you in a blanket. Your hair fell to the side as he rearranged it to be out of your face. He sat in the driver's seat and watched you sleep as his shell was against the driver's door as his arm was on the wheel and the other arm on the seat's arch. He was really scared he had lost you again. Your so tiny compared to him. And not only that your beautiful too and if a man got a hold of you he probably wouldn't let you go. Ever. Raphael sometimes feels like a father, always trying to protect you from harm. But he doesn't seem to be all that good at it like he wishes. 'I'm gonna try harder.' he thought to himself. ~*Later at the Turtles Home*~ You two were in Donnie's area as Donnie examined your arm. He took the magnified glass away from your arm. "well i don't know how, but it looks like a Shot." he explained as he moved your arm in his hand. "And you don't remember anything." "No. I kinda blacked out back when i was in the garbage truck with you guys." "Well, i'll let you go. I'm gonna research on this a bit. But you probably just got hit with a rock or an urchin." "alright." you smiled and left with Raph by your side. No one was really around except for the turtle who's mind was focusing on what had happened to you. Raph wasn't sure where Leo and Mikey were but he picked you up Bridal style by surprise. You giggled at his actions before he had planted a kiss you your forehead then your lips. He carried you into his room. He kicked the door closed and placed you on the bed. He started by making out with your sweet cherry Chapped lips with his hands on the bed above your head and your hands were on his waist. He lifted your back up and dragged your body more up onto the bed as his crawled on to the bed with you. He relaxed his fore arms above you as he continued kissing your lips as you were kissing his. He was using his knees to keep himself propped up. "I love you Y/N." he told truthfully as he was still kissing you. You smiled big as you were still kissing him "I love you too, Raphie." He smiled too as he continued. He put his one hand on your face and cupped your jaw. Your eyes closed as you were highly enjoying this. He opened his eyes for a split second to see you then he closed em' again. (DUN DUN DUN! Underwater!!!) (just pretend this part is a movie kinda XD) The camera zooms in to the deep Ocean part of the Beach to see a facility Run by Sacks. He's relocated since the 2014 incident. Especially since he's pretty much wanted. He was writing something at his desk as a man came in with a White hazmat suit on. "Sir *darth vader breath* I've come to inform you that your recent test Subject; Project Hatchling AKA Y/N is in progress and got the second dose of Retro Mutagen *Darth Vader Breath*." "Excellent. So we can continue our little experiment." Eric Sacks very pleased. "you may go now." he excused with a flick of his hand. With that command the man left to leave sacks alone to do his work. 'And the DNA from Y/N and raphael's off spring I can..No i will drink it's Half human half turtle Essence to live longer and complete my goal. I will do what the Shredder failed to do..I will run New York City with an Iron Fist.' Repeating his plan in his head.

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