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I sprinted through the forest, ignoring the pain as sharp sticks stabbed my small feet. As a ten year old werewolf, I didn't have as much stamina, but my adrenaline why now my oxygen. I didn't look back, fearing they would catch up.

I was so close to reaching his house, to warn him of what my parents were planning. Before I could step foot into his backyard, strong arms wrapped around me.

"SETH!" I yelled, trying to gain his attention.

A hand covered my mouth as I was shoved the opposite way. I tried seeing if Seth noticed and he did, but he only heard my scream. The thick trees covered me, not allowing him to see me.

"Lilianna?" He called into the forest.

I tried screaming again, but I was quickly slammed into a tree. I bit my lip as I fell to the ground, refusing to make any sound of pain. I glared at my so called father.

He smirked at me, that evil glint was back in his cold eyes.

"Shouldn't have done that, Lilianna. I thought we taught you better." He chuckled.

God, I how I hated his voice. Ever since I learned of their plan, I had started to hate everything about my parents. Their faces, their fake love for me, their voices, everything. I can't even call them my parents.

He had grabbed me by my hair and started pulling me towards my biggest fear. The river.

Usually it was calm, but today the water was rushing. My eyes widened as I had realized what he planning to do.

"Please! Don't! I can't swim!" I cried.

I should have been smart enough to know that my cries were useless. He threw me into the cold water, laughing as I struggled to reach the surface.

I fought for what felt like decades, but it was only a few minutes. His lean figure grew further and further away as I was pulled down the river. As I tried to scream again, water filled my mouth and lungs.

Tears gathered in my eyes as the darkness swept over me.

That was eight years ago.

They thought I had died, but truth is, I lived. I was saved by a rogue and raised to become a ruthless fighter.

Now, it's my turn to share my story.

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