*Tandii aka Madam*

I sat back with my feet up waiting for the twins, Dip and Dot, to show up with our new girl. My patience was steadily wearing thin.

It's two of y'all. How in the fuck are y'all always late as fuck all the time?

I rolled my blunt as I waited impatiently shaking my heels on the desk. I sealed it up and took a pull as my door opened slowly.

I looked up to see one of my delivery boys. Bingo. I had sent for him earlier. I needed him to run out of state for me.

((Jovani aka Bingo))

((Jovani aka Bingo))

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"H-hey Madam. Did you call fa me?" he talked kind of funny still because he was getting used to his teeth.

"Yuh I did. Bingo come hea lemme see um." I stood up as he walked over to me slowly. I grabbed is chin moving his face side to side to examine his new editions. "Mhmm. How they feel? You like um?" The open faces fit his teeth well.

"Yeah I like um. S(h)till tryna get used to um tho." He licked his tongue against his bottom row.

"Mhm the lisp will go away eventually. I'm proud of you. You earned those after what you did fa me."

Bingo had the inside on some really important information. He linked up with somebody crooked in law enforcement and got me files from cops who were investigating my operation. The boy was clutch.

"Thank(s)h Madam. What did you need me to do?" He never liked being in my presence for to long. I could tell he was either scared or intimidated. I liked that.

"I need you to goto the shop and make a delivery 'cross some state lines fa me. The car is ready and packed all you gotta do is pick it up and drop the product off. Can ya do that?"

"Yeah Madam."

"Good. 1500 upfront and I'll pay you the rest when ya get back." I reached in my drawer and pulled out the money I had prepped for him, the keys for the car and a strap.

He grabbed the items and nodded as he turned for the door.

"Oh n Bingo..."

"Take ya lil frann with you. He still ain't earned his teeth yet and if he keeps slackin we gone have a prolem. Split the money with him if you want. Yo choice to make."

Bingo had brought a boy in to me not to long ago. Told me he was hip to the game but new to the city. I'm still not sure if I trust him or not so I've been sending him around with Bingo so he'll have eyes on him. Bingo I trust. This new boy....I'm still not sure.

"Okay Madam I'll s(h)ee you when I get back." I laughed at his slight lisp and waved him off. It's so funny to me when they finally earn their first sets. Talkin all funny and shit.

As he walked out in came Dip and Dot.
((Danali aka Dip))

((Danali aka Dip))

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