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Carson shown in media.

Mia's P.O.V

I threw a nice pitch, straight down the middle. I might have scared the batter.

He backed away from the ball, staring at me with fear in his eyes.

"Hazel, take it easy on him"Sam called from the dugout

I nodded and fixed my cap, with the ball in my right hand. I set up to throw another nice pitch. When I did, it went straight down the middle.

"Strike 2!"the ump called

I threw one more nice one, him not swinging at it.

2 outs.

I made myself comfortable on the mound once again, waiting for the next batter.

This game will be over, just give me another 5 minutes.


After the game, Carson ran up to me.

"That was amazing! Oh my god! Girl, you are blessed when you're on the mound"she said, raising her hands up to the sky

I laughed at her excitement.

"Good game Mia- woah... who's this?"Alex said

"This is my best friend Carson...she's taken though"I say

"Well, that ruins my plans for being not single anymore"he said

I laugh.

"You'll be okay. And what happened to that girl Ginny (Jenny)?"I ask

"She didn't feel the same way I felt. So, she sorta declined"he said

"Awww, poor Ally"I say

He rolls his eyes.

"Yeah whatever. Hey, see you at practice Wednesday?"he said

"Yup"I say

"Alright cool. It was nice meeting you Carson"he said

"You too, Alex"Carson said

Alex smiled as he walked away. Carson looks at me.

"Girl, you should get with him"she said, nudging me

I roll my eyes.

"Let's go watch Daniel play, before he beats me up"I say

She laughs as we make our way to Field 1. The Red Devils and the Hurricanes are playing over there. That's the Red Devils home field.

The Hurricanes are the visiting team. But they're home team to field 9 with the Wolverines.

Upon arrival, we see the parents cheering and clapping. A few of them noticed me and gave me side glances. My body tenses up quickly, as I attempt to avoid their glares.

"Hey! Black Knights don't belong here"someone said

I ignore them.

"I know you heard me"they said

"I'm sorry, I just came to watch my friend play"I say

"No enemies are welcomed on our territory"they say

"Listen, I just came to watch my friend play. That's all"I say

"That's bull crap! You could be scouting to go and snitch to your teammates"someone else said

Then all of the people began protesting. Carson gripped my arm tightly.

"Mia, I think we should go"she whispered

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