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**A little bit of sexual thoughts in this chapter**

--------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>    Picture of Nate

Chapter two:

Our race was exhilarating! The speed calmed me down and I concentrated on the blue of the green trees, colourful cars and houses and people walking about. Too quickly, we arrived at my house at the same time and started for the door. Due to Nate’s insanely long legs, he was leading and was about to win when he realized the door was locked and my parents weren’t home.

“Haha Sucker!” I yelled trying to pass him with my keys in hand and he simply laughed not budging at all. Instead he plucked the keys and held it high above his head swinging it around when I try to jump up for it. Ok, I needed to distract him and before I even thought my plan through I tackled him from the side making us land on the lawn. We were a tangle of limbs and our laughs melted together.
I crawled on top of him, straddling him, and tried to reach for my keys. I didn’t realize I was sitting on his erm, member, and was practically riding him like a freaking horse until he groaned loudly and grabbed my hips automatically pulling me closer and tighter to his groin.

I gasped with surprise… and pleasure I might add, as his member hit my entrance through our jeans and I whimpered. Oh good God, I need to stop this. This is Naddy! My best friend! What the hell?! I can’t be gasping with pleasure while practically dry humping the man, no matter how good it feels! Good Lord, and on my front lawn!
But… seeing as this is the situation I might as well use it to my advantage. I looked down into his eyes and leaned forward making my breasts crush against his chest. I placed my elbows beside his face, trapping his head, and dragged my hand down his shoulder to his arm. His breaths were getting quicker and his member was stirring against my hip.

I brought my lips lower and lower until I grazed the corner of his parted mouth and I could feel his hot breaths hitting my lips. His citrus smell invaded my senses and I barely registered that his hand was sliding up my waist and was teasing the bottom of my tank top. I blinked my eyes rapidly trying to clear my head of this citrusy fog and then quick as a flash I grabbed my keys from his hand, jumped up and ran to the door laughing hysterically. That was close.

I was sitting at the kitchen bench top when I heard the front door slam shut. I was nursing my drink between my hands and wondered what Nate’s reaction would be to my display outside. I mean we don’t see each other for 4 years and I come back practically throwing myself at him. I wasn’t a virgin and I knew Nate wasn’t either.

Brooklyn had told me that Nate and his friends were the school’s top dogs and were all big players. Of course, Nate had told me while we were still in contact that he did kind of sleep around. His excuse was that he had never dated the ‘right girl’ but I just thought that he was a 17 year guy and had the needs of well, a 17 year old guy.
Anyway, I had never slept around, I’d only ever slept with my ex-boyfriend and what can I say… I enjoy sex. I suppose you could say I’m not a shy lover.

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