Reasons Revealed

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I woke up to unfamiliar surroundings.  Slowly looking around I saw that I was lying on a couch. There was a coffee table next to me and a little to the side there was an end table with a picture on it. Then it came back to me in a flash of pain.


The blonde.

Their son.

I had to get out of here as fast as I could. Bolting upright I fought the sudden head rush my movement caused, then swung my legs off the couch coming face to face with a blond haired, gray eyed heartbreaker in the making.

“SHE’S UP, SHE’S UP! Uncle Greg, I guess you don’t have to kiss her to wake her up anymore because she already is!” he said running out of the room towards wherever his uncle Greg was. I then heard an, “OW TREVOR, I was just joking around!” followed by male laughter.

Deciding that was my cue to get out of here I stood up ready to run.

“You can try but I’ll just catch you and I really don’t feel like chasing you right now.” that deep voice warned.

“Then don’t.” I said taking a step towards my get away route.

“I have no choice, there’s too much I need to tell you so unless you want me to throw you over my shoulder and tie you to a chair to make you listen, I would suggest you sit back down.” 

He wouldn’t. 

On second thought, the determined look in his eyes said otherwise.

Knowing I was fighting a losing battle I pivoted and sat down but not without grumbling, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give him a hard time. “I don’t see what we have to talk about. I’m pretty smart and can put two and two together. You already have a mate and an adorable son, who by the way thank goodness he takes after his mom because I don’t think we need anymore little you’s running around, and you’re rejecting me because you already have your perfect little family. The end. So there, I’m all filled in, can I please go home now?”

“You’re absolutely right.” he said.

Well, duh. It’s not rocket science.

“He does take after his mom.” he continued.

Go ahead Trevor, rub it in. 

“And he’s nothing like me.” 

Gosh won’t he just stop talking already!

“Because he’s not my son.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…”WHAT?” I asked surprise all over my face.

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