Chapter 36:Tulips and Coffee

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Jason POV

"He left few hours ago." Marcus said from behind.

I sighed. "Where did he go?" I asked.

"I wish I knew, Jason." his voice cracked a bit. "I haven't seen him ever like this before."

I turned to face him. "Like how?"

"He seemed broken and extremely depressed under all the façade of anger." he answered.

"It's my fault." I bowed my head.

"It's not." Marcus stressed. "don't blame yourself."

"But I drove him to anger. I made him as he is now." I teared up.

"Only Dave knows the real reason he snapped, I can assure you it's not because of an argument...... "

"or you can ask his wolf directly." Georgina stepped in, interrupting abruptly. She gave a lazy smile. "I've heard you can do that. It much better and will save you the whole drama of not knowing what's wrong." she gestured.

Marcus sighed. I waved him off as he wanted to talk. "Thanks Georgina." I smiled back genuinely. "I wouldn't have imagined an idea would come from you to me."

She rolled her eyes. "I didn't mean it to be an idea. I actually needed my mate, that's why I am here." She uttered rather harshly.

We exchange a long stare. "I'm not finished with him but will surely send him off to you when I'm done." I said even though I didn't want to but I decided to show her my authority as not just as Marcus's Luna but hers too, by force if it comes to that.

Anger flashed across her face. "I need my mate now." she seethed.

"Your mate will I return to you when I'm done with my protector." I said firmly refusing to back down.

She walked straight to me but Marcus stopped her before she could get any closer.

"Gina" he said.

"He is mine!" she yelled ignoring him but unable to come any further being held in Marcus's arms.

"I'm not saying otherwise nor can I snatch him because he's already yours." I said in a bored tone. "When will you get it that Marcus is not only your mate but my protector too."

"I loathe you." she sneered.

"So I have noticed." I saw few people began to come into the lounge. "I knew before now that you do, that isn't news." I decided to be a little dramatic. So I put on a show since that was what she wanted. She wanted to gain audience and that was exactly what I thought to give her.

"do you know your problem?" I paced carrying my body gracefully staring straight at her. "You're just angry that you aren't getting the attention you're so accustomed to back in your pack. I'm a threat to you, a bug you just have to squash to get the attention you are seeking but it's so unfortunate for you because you didn't even get an ounce of it." I let my tone come out hard. It sent shivers into all present in the room. "What you have failed to accept is that I am not a bug you can squash or an occupant of a position you can just topple off and gain for yourself." I walked closer to her. My eyes bored deep into her instilling as much fear as I can into her. I could feel my alter ego rise asking for a chance to say the last part. I happily obliged but held the rein firmly in case he goes rogue.

"I am your Luna and you, Georgina will bow to me." I said firmly.

A smile creep on my face as I watch her tremble then bow on one knee. A wave of relief washed over me as I saw her defeat and my position and authority affirmed.

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