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monday morning and exactly four more days until the big football game. i have this slight feeling that today is going to be pretty hectic because that one question that i preferred not be answered was still floating in mid air.

"i will never forget you!" i sang like an idiot as i turned into the school's parking lot. loose rocks crumbling against my tires. i parked and hopped out, snatching up my cup of coffee and cross-over bag.

"hey maya!"

please not taylor. anyone but taylor.

footsteps sounded nearer as i casually sipped my coffee while praying that it wasn't him. the person breathe heavily as they appeared next to me. "maya." they cooed. i turned to my left and smiled. "weston." i spoke mellow. i wiped the invisible sweat drop from my forehead as we continued walking.

"big game, big game!" he clapped.

okay, i know there's a game on friday! mention it one more time and i will blow up the football field.

"yep, yep." weston seemed to notice my annoyed tone. he laughed lightly.

"you must not be going." he scratched his neck.

i shrugged my shoulders as we enter the western wing. i'm rethinking about staying at home, ordering some chinese food and going through an entire series in one night. that sounds way more fun than a football game especially under this pressure.

"i don't know. i'm kind of havng second thoughts." that was the truth. i just didn't include my plans.

this conversation appeared to be long but really, it was shorter than i thought because we already made it to first period. we departed from each other. weston with his friends and me in the back corner.

seconds later, kassie swung in the chair beside me with a nervous smile. I was bewildered. the words "are you crazy?" slipped out of my mouth as my hands quickly covered my words.

"i don't have anywhere to sit." she chuckled while pulling out her notebook.

"i'm sorry Kassie, but you can't sit there." everything seemed to come out rudder than it meant to be.

"maya, I can't sit over there and you know it." she spat harshly. she took back her tone by squeezing her eyes tightly. this twinkle in her eye dulled as if it was dying....just like her popularity. she was sadden at the fact that everything she conjunctioned, manipulated, and worked for was falling and crashing like a plane skiing against the ground. all of it was finally coming to an end but she was finding an alternate way to get exactly what she wanted. either way she lied and covered it with more lies.

"i'm sorry kassie but i really don't care...what i'm trying to say is, i'm not the second choice so go chill with your first. if you want them back then go fix it. you don't run away from it." by then water quickly filled her eyes as she got up.

"why can't you help me? why can't you just be here for me?" her voice cracked.

"because, no one was there to help me. you weren't so you get what you deserve." I shrugged then stared at the wall, hoping she would go away.

finally, she lifted her books just as Meghan came to her rescue. well, actually, Meghan just slid into the empty sit that was no longer taken. my expression went blank until I crooked my eyebrow in curiosity. why would she sit next to me? she must of lost her mind. she showed her dazzling whites as she flipped through her notebook. seconds later, a piece of paper was shoved into my face. words filled the empty lines along with doodles and tiny lyrics. I quickly recognized lyrics from broken home by 5 seconds of summer and only knew that explained meghan's attitude and behavior but i pushed it aside not to get ahead of myself. I hesitated to reach for it but I did anyways. my eyes examined the ink stained paper while my lips parted, letting out a gasp.

"no way!" i shouted, grabbing everyone's attention.

"excuse her." Meghan framed a smile while flouncing her perfectly manicured nails.

seriously, who does her nails?!

she gave a warning look, telling me to hold off until we get to some place with not so noisy people. "hayes is planning on asking you but taylor said he asked you and now everyone thinks you're dating taylor." she whispered.

"hayes thinks i'm dating him?!" i shouted with a low tone. she nodded her head vigorously. i banged my head on the table, bringing the eyes of many back on me. i raised my arm high and shouted, "sorry!"

"sorry for what miss. mckay?" mr. frank peered as he propped his cup of steaming coffee on the podium. i lifted my head. an excuse. an excuse.

"that i have to use the restroom in the beginning of class. may i please go?" i smiled. he sighed laughing under his breath. he gestured to the door. "you may."

i mouthed thank you while slipping through the tight aisles. i slipped a glanced at hayes, who was too bothered to even share a look with me. i sighed. i don't know what to do. a figure paced down the hall as i squinted to make them out. tall, slender, a perfectly, brown quiff suited with a bandana.

taylor michael caniff.

he smiled broadly. a bright twinkle in his eyes. he flung his arms out as i crossed mine with a pout. my eyebrows arched furiously as i frowned. the smile faded from his face and he turned his gaze to the ground. his lip parted and i held my hand up. "stop." my voice filled with anger. i shut my eyes tightly.

"i'm sorry." he croaked.

"are you really?" i lashed. "i'm not your girlfriend taylor! i didn't even say yes!"

his lips parted then closed again. that was the first for taylor- speechless. i poked his chest, "stop spreading rumors, fix them, now." i firmly demanded. he shook his head, looking like a little kid who just got in trouble. i stomped pass him, giving him a mean glare then heading into the bathroom. i settled into a stall, not really having to use the bathroom. i examined the marked stall which was covered in foul words and false rumors. the burn stall.

kassie is dating college kid, cameron-  upgrade

hunter and meghan isn't a thing no more lololol

roasting you like ricegum

you're bad kid lololol

taylor + maya = let it rise

i scratched out the words with a marker that was always taped below the sit. surprisingly, no one has taken it. i wrote in big bold letters: maya is single as a pringle

my head banged against the bendable tin stall, making a loud pang. "maya! maya!" someone panicked from outside my stall. they breathed heavily almost panting. i hurried from the burn stall and swung the door revealing meghan. she was almost sweating which is rare so this was big. a queen doesn't sweat according to miss. perfect manicure. "what Meghan?"

"she's dating hayes!" she almost broke out in tears. "who?!"

she hesitated then breathed "kassie."

the cliché captain football player and head cheerleader relationship bloomed and the whole school didn't settle for it. i didn't settle for it.

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