Chapter 7: The Chosen's First

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Hey Guys I'm back with another chapter. I'm sorry I haven't been able to update in a while. Spoiler I may make a a different story on pokémon but I won't end this story because I will finish it. Ok that's about it and enjoy the story. This is my gift to you guys for the 4th of July, unfortunately this might go up on the 5th. Lemon warning in his chapter!

"Pokémon Talking"
Time skip/Scene Change
Pokémon moves (attacks)

"That was impressive Ash," said Clemont. "Yeah tell me about it!" yelled Cameron. "You made Cynthia's Garchomp look like child's play," said May.

"Wow you must be dumber than you look," said Paul. They all look confused. "She and Garchomp were holding back," said Ash calmly. Everyone had shocked expression on their faces.

"B-b-but you beat her," stuttered Bonnie. "True Ash did beat her but she had the same look on her face when Paul challenged her years ago," said Dawn.

"She was testing Charizard's strength to see how powerful he was," said Ash. "What happened to Paul's pokemon in that battle?" asked Cilan. "Well when I challenged her and she wiped the floor with me," said Paul.

"Not only that but she did it when she was holding back," finished Paul. "Well she wasn't the only one holding back in our fight," said Ash.

No one said a word after that. "Well we better get some sleep. After all tommorow is the first round," said May. Everyone nodded. Ash, Paul, Cameron, Dawn, May, and Serena made it back to the Hotel and went to get their schedules for tommorow. Paul, Cameron, Dawn, Serena, and May were all facing random people.

"So Ash who are you facing," asked Cameron. Ash gave a evil smile that sent shivers down their spine.

"I'm facing an old friend," he said. "Care to tell us who," said May. "Nope," he responded. This made the girls pout and made Paul and Cameron annoyed. "Really Ketchem," said Paul, "Even at times like this you still keep secrets from us."

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