Chapter 21 -Test cheaters and their nerdy trading cards

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I still do NOT own Naruto or anything, this is just a Fanfic..............But I DO own Leaha/Saki and Kale AND THEIR PLOT
ALSO!!! when something is in * * that means its inside her head (mostly Kale talking, but some is Leaha) when something is in " " that means its outloud (cause when she's alone Leaha/Saki finds it annoying to think everything, so it switches back and forth a little)


CHAPTER 21 -~-


Just as we were about to enter the room, Kakashi appeared, “I’m glad you came Sakura, for your sake and the others’…” “Huh?” “Now, you can all formally register for the Chunin Exam, you see only groups of three… in this case four, are allowed to apply for and take the exam, that’s the way it’s always been.”

“But Sensei, but you said the decision was up to the individual,” Sakura said. “That’s right, I did, I didn’t tell you before because the others might have pressured you. At the same time, I didn’t want you to feel obliged to participate because of any feelings you might have for Sasuke.” A smile slowly creeped up my face, “or Naruto,” he added as a second thought.

 “I wanted you to come to a decision of your own free will.” “So you mean if I hadn’t shown up with the others…” “It would have been the end of the line,” Kakashi finished for her. “I wouldn’t have been able to let them in, but that’s a moot point, you’re all here and for the right reasons. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Saki… I’m proud of you, I couldn’t ask for a better team,” he gave a close eyed smile. “Good luck, he moved away from the door, the others stepped forward but I held back for a moment.

 “Thanks Kakashi, you’re the best sensei I could ever ask for,” I gave him a quick tight hug… just in case. He stood there frozen and speechless; I walked back over to the others and walked inside, I gave him one last smile as I closed the door behind us. I took a big breath before turning around and joining my team; this is it, show time.

 “W-what’s this?” Naruto paled at the huge number of people in the room, “Gee I guess we’re not alone,” Sakura paled as well. My heart beat sped up a bit in nervousness, wow there are a lot more people here than there were shown on the show. “Man, I had no idea there would be so much competition,” Sakura whispered. “Sasuke where have you been!” a voice yelled.

 I wrinkled my nose in distaste as Ino jumped on his back, hooking her arms around his neck. “Boy you have no idea how much I was hoping you’d show up here, I missed those brooding good looks of yours,” she purred. "EWW Sasuke there’s a leach on your back," I pointed to Ino, she glared at me. “Don’t worry I’ll get it!” I chirped, I brought a bit of shrouded chakra to my finger and poked each of her arms quickly, zapping her with a tiny, but painful shock. “OW!” she screeched, jumping off him immediately.

 I grinned, very happy to be the cause of her pain, Sasuke smirked at me. “What?” I narrowed my eyes at him. “HEY YOU PORKER BACK OFF HE’S MINE!” Sakura yelled in the background. “Miss Forehead, they let you in? Still got those big frown lines on your big billboard brow I see,” Ino retorted. “Nothing,” he smirked again, I just glared, turning away and ignoring him. “Leave my forehead out of it!” “Nahhh!” Ino pulled her eye down and stuck her tongue out at her.

 “Oh it’s you guys, I knew this was gonna be a drag but I didn’t know it was going to be this lame,” Shikamaru sighed, walking up to us. “Hey Choji,” I smiled at him; he nodded in my direction and continued to eat out of his seemingly bottomless bag of chips. “Shikamaru, you think that badly of me? I’m hurt,” I put a hand to my chest dramatically. He smirked, “Actually I was referring to your teammate over there,” “So all three stooges are here!” Naruto said, walking over.

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