the strange kid

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Sir we have word of a boy who can hack a government mainframe in 12 sec… really does this boy have a name. Uhh…. I’m mean yes sir his name is havoc B. Haze. The corneal sighed full file update. Yes sir. He handed the corneal the file. Name: Havoc Blaze Haze. Age: 11. Hair: black with stripes blonde. Eyes: green blue. Currently living Fresno CA. language(s): English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Irish, Latin, and Norwegian. I would like this boy brought in for guesting. Sir. Does the name Alexander Haze ring a bell to you.  Ugh…. Yes where did you hear that name! He’s Havocs father now I’m personally going but sir. Alex was the only inhuman task member I ever had I would love to meet my teachers son why? Im his godfather.-stuff need to know- Ok here’s a little you need to know havoc is only part human his father was a half breed (demon/alchemist) and his mother was a turned vampire his father worked with the government during the time magic and humans were making a truths but he was the first to ever stand up to ether sides. He loved his son but mysteriously disappeared four years ago following the death of his wife rose. Havoc has never been one to take the easy way out .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So let’s see how    havoc will take dealing with Cain (the cornel) because Mr. Cain (even Cain)

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