Chapter 36

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I pace around my room, not knowing how to deal with the situation. I have never had to do any such thing in the past. Honestly the douche Chase was so sweet on face, we rarely even had a small fight. I run a hand through my hair thinking how I should properly approach Xavier again.

Should I call him?

Duh..NO..This is not a conversation we can have on phone.

Okay maybe call him from the window?
Like he is going to respond. The first thing I did today was draw my curtains out only to find his slammed shut.

Maybe I should directly go to his place?
Yeah seems great. But what if he refuses to talk and tells Della to shoo me away. Plus that won't be that appealing right?

Okay something else...I need to think of a bomb kind of idea. What can that be?? I chew my nairs nervously when an idea floats into my brain.

"Perfect!" I say happily as I decide to implement it. I quickly tie my hair in a pony tail and walk to my window and open it. I take a deep breath as I look at the death bar. What if I fall? And what if he doesn't open his window? And what if-

"Stop overthinking Samantha. Just do it." I say aloud to myself and swing one of my foot over my window. I hold the grill for support and my entire body starts shaking in fear. Come on Sam the worst that can happen is that you'll break your bones if you fall. Nothing more than that. Yeah.

I hold my grill with both my hands and try to turn around, towards Xavier's window. I struggle as I my legs quiver and I close my eyes as I take a turn. Yeah close your eyes so even if you are not going to fall, you'll fall I taunt myself and open my eyes, trying to maintain my balance. I take a small step ahead and loosen my grip on my window grill. I take small steps and finally reach to the point where I have to leave my support. I continuously chant as slowly take another step forward. I hold my breath as I take the timiest steps, my steps faltering every now and then. I finally reach few steps away from Xavier's window when I feel relaxed.

"Xavier!" I call out. There is no response. Omg what if he is not in the room. I am definitely not walking all the way back. I panic as I realize the mess I have gotten myself into. I try to reach for my phone in my pocket so that I can call him and tell him to open his window. With shivering hands, I get hold of my phone and remove it. I quickly call his number as its the last number on my dialed list. The bell rings but noone picks up.


Unless he slides his glass, I can't even hold his grill for support. I murmur prayers for dear life and keep the phone back in my pocket. Thats exactly when I loose my balance and go down. I scream as my leg falters outside the plank's area and I brace myself for death. Well maybe... a few bones breaking but you get the point. I somehow hold the plank with hands and land up in a sitting position with one of my leg dangling down while another one folded crossed against my body uncomfortably.

"Omg I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying. Sorry Jesus for all the sins I have ever done till-"

"What the hell are you doing?!!" I hear a shout which is music to my ears right now. But my breath heaving, my heart beating like a hammer and my entire body shivering I don't look up at him. I never heard Xavier slide his glass and draw out his curtains.

"Samantha come up." He orders and with closed eyes look in the direction of his voice.

"I-I can't... I'll fall. Let me die." I say still chanting prayers with a shaky voice.

"Don't be mad Sam. Give me your hand." He says and I'm sure he rolled eyes at me. He offers a hand to me as I squint my eyes open. Without replying I grasp his hand and try to stand with his support. I immediately hold his window railing and stand up on faltering legs. He pulls me up and I swing my legs over his grill. I hold his arms as I land to safety and give out a relieved breath.

"Phew. How the hell do you walk so easily over that death bar?" I joke and he stares back with a cold expression.

"Care to tell what you were doing half hanging on the plank?" He glares at me ignoring my comment. Okay lets be serious.

"I wanted to talk." I say simply and I see his angry expression falter for a moment but then he is back at donning the same grim face.

"You could have come through the door." He points and I re-think why I discarded that option.

"Or you could have picked up my phone or replied to my texts or simply opened the window when I called for you." I throw the blame back at him and he tilts his head to the side with a bored expression.

"Yeah right. Because you finally decided to stop ignoring me." He taunts and I take a step closer to him.

"Xavier I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't expect what you said on the night of the ball and thats the reason I acted so dumb. I wasn't sure as to how I feel until I came to terms with my feelings. And scares me now. I know it sound mellowdramatic but thats just how I feel." I say the last part in an earnest whisper hoping he can understand.

"And I'm sorry that I ignored you. I didn't know how to react when I meet you and that is why I ran away at the first sight of you. That was very dumb of me but well... that's me. I thought I was saving our friendship by not responding to your... confession but I see my mistake now. And I understand if you want to yell at me or ignore me too because-"

"Its okay Sam," Xavier cuts me with a sigh. "I shouldn't have said that I love you so unexpectedly, especially after what that Chase did." His eyes darken here but he composes himself soon. "I should have waited to know if you feel the same way. So you don't need to apologize." He says and I shake my head. This is not where I want the conversation to go!

"Xavier no I don't mean that. Please hear me out." I say frantically.

"I thought over all week and I realised that... I-I love you too." I say releasing a breath and his eyes widen.

"Really?" He asks and I nod. He just stands there and for a second I think he is going to reject. But he grabs my hands and pulls me to his chest and I smile in satisfaction. Fireworks! Thats all I can feel as I wrap my hands around him. Electricity as if flows through my skin as I hear his frantic heartbeat which matches mine. I am so glad I made this decision. We stay like that for a while until he speaks,

"But-" He begins and I frown and look upto him.

"..are you sure? I mean I don't want you to be unsure because I know what you've been through. You can still think and we'll stay friends till you make your decision.." Xavier keeps rambling as I make a decision. I get on my toes and keep my hands on his shoulders and press my lips to his. His voice shuts as I sense shock but then he immediately welcomes my lips with his own. I feel electrified as our lips move in sync and the feeling is nerve wacking. His hand goes around my waist and my heart beat amplifies by a million times. The kiss feels magical and finally we both break it as oxygen lacks in our bodies. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck standing as I struggle to catch breath. I look up to see Xavier in the same struggle wearing a dazed expression. I smile as I say the next words,

"I just gave you my first kiss. What else assurance do you need?"

And he stares back in shock and amusement.

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