Chapter one | A name for the heart

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              “Mental injury –”

              “This can’t happen –”

              “The memory loss could be temporary or permanent, however it is unknown whether or not he will regain his –”

              “How is it that it can be so bad that he doesn’t even know who his own mother is or his sister or his brother…?!” The woman beside me erupted in a choked voice.

              “It is not a matter of why or how, Mrs Collins. At the moment, we can only thank God for your son’s survival and his physical condition. We can only pray that his memory will be returned to him –”

              “STOP!” I hissed, the constant murmuring of words driving me insane as I felt my head pulse painfully with every word.

Silence consumed us as I felt all their eyes on me, all their strangely familiar faces that only aided in frustrating me further, “please, can you all just leave?”

There was a moment of silence before the woman who I presumed to be my mother reached out to me, “Jasper –”

              “Please,” I begged, “I just need air, I need a moment – I think I’m about to throw up.” I dry heaved, my eyes watering and my nostrils flaring as I gripped at the blanket that covered my legs.

              “Get out!” I near-screamed tortuously.

              “Jasper, you need to calm-”

              “GET OUT!” I roared as I tried to rip at the needles and cords that were attached to me.

              “Nurse!” The Doctor yelled as he dropped his clipboard and grabbed at my swinging arms.

              “Nurse, sedation!” He screamed again as running footsteps came crashing into the room and I wailed for help or survival or anything.

Words that I didn’t recognise were spoken above me as I felt more arms grab my own and push me down into the firm bed. Hands pressed against my face and over my forehead as they tried to soothe me and all the while I continued to scream until I felt the stab of something into my arm. Seconds passed before I stilled, my entire body growing limp and my eyes darkening until my screams were reduced to silent cries and darkness once again took me.

I didn’t know how long I was out for or if that nightmare was actually real, but the voices that slowly roused me from my slumber indeed confirmed that I was still trapped.

              “You mean – he has no idea who we are?” An unfamiliar male voice spoke.

              “No one, Blair, not you, not me and not his own fucking parents.”

              “Jesus Christ.” Another voice spoke, again male.

              “How did it happen?” He asked quietly.

There was a tired and exhausted sigh, “Road work on Abbey Road, someone messed with the controls – made green simultaneous with green on the opposite side. He was on his way home, I was on the phone with him the entire time, he was telling me about the tour and then suddenly he swears, there’s screeching, yelling and then the – they don’t know who came first, Jasper or – and they were just trying to –”

There were choked sobs as I hovered between the realms of consciousness and sleep.

              “Were they hurt?” Another voice asked.

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