Ch.2: Your getting on my last nerve.

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Not even 4 minutes later someone had to come knock on the door. I ugh before standing up and walking down the stairs very slowly, hoping that person would leave.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and open the front door without asking 'who is it?' And came face to face with my stupid pervert next door. Whyy...him again.

"What are you doing here?" I snapped. He walk into my house and smirk. " oh isn't someone grumpy." He jokes and lays on the couch and kicks off his black vans.

"Umm, most people invite you in. You don't just come into someone home at anytime you want." I said he rolled his eyes. " well guess what I don't listen to any rules." He says getting off the couch and start looking around.

"Mmhm I bet you listen to your mothers rules." I said back smirking and a little chuckle except from his mouth "you really think I care about what my mom says." He said.

I closed the door and my arms over my chest " you know your really starting to get on my last nerve." I stated.

"Well I don't fucking care at all." He says smiling.

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"Can you please go, I have stuff to do." I said pointing at the door.

He turns around and looks at me and smiles. God his smile! And his eyes!.

His green orbs staring deep into my blue orbs, he could probably make any girl speechless just by a smile and his eyes.

" like what? Huh?" He ask stepping closer to me. "Like finish organizing my room." I imply.

"Maybe I can help you." He smiles "hm I rather if you didn't." I tell him.

"Fine." He says and walks back to his shoes and puts them back on. " see you later princess." He says smirking.

"I hope you don't see me later." I said sassy. He opens the door and walks out "thank god!" I praised.

Now that he's gone, I needed breakfast, I made my way to the kitchen where we had bunch of boxes that haven't even been unpack yet some of them on the counter and floor. I started looking into each box for the bowls and glasses, after going through six boxes I finally found the bowls and glasses and placed them on the counter.

I walk over to the fridge and grab the milk and juice, and on the top of the fridge I grab the cereal box and poured everything where it suppose to go and put everything back in the fridge.

I took my breakfast with me upstairs as I made my up the stairs to see that my bedroom door is closed. Huh I thought I left it open? I took a sip of my juice and open the door.

The door creaked open, and there standing in the middle of my room was that stupid boy. I choke on my juice and started coughing "dude what the hell?!" I yelled, clearing my throat.

"What?" He ask looking at me. "How the hell did you get in here?".

"Well um... There's a tree outside your window and a balcony for me to land on." He says pointing at my balcony. "And theirs a thing called climbing." Ugh!!! I set my cereal and juice on my desk and walk towards him and pushed him.

"Okay you had your time! Now get out of my room." I said "anyways you said you were leaving".

"Yeah well...I also said see you later and it's later." He states. I stop pushing him and look at him. "Can you please stop being a smartass?" I ask putting my hands on my hips.

He laughs "hm no princess." He says, then he starts putting his hand on top on top of mine which is on my hip. I push off his hand "Don't call me princess, my names Maya." I say.

"Hm Maya?" He ask. "Yes. Maya." I reassured him. Omg "Do I have to spell it out for you? M-A-Y-A did you get that it's Maya." I say, extending the "AyA" in my name.

"Yes I get. Your name Maya." He says. " Yay you learned something. And speaking of names what's yours?" I ask curious of what his name is.

He smirks "you can call me daddy" he says, sitting on my bed. I rolled my eyes "seriously dude?" I ask "no."

"Fine. Hm how about sex master?" I shake my head to that one. "How about the king of my bitches?"

"Dude Stop!" I wine. "I'm being serious."

"Finnnee." He wines back. "It's Lucas."

"Hm Lucas?" I ask.

"Yes Lucas. Do you want me to spell it out for you."

"No!" I laugh, at him for mimicking me. He stares at me as I laugh at him. "Aren't you suppose to be organizing?" He ask. I give him a death glare and ugh!

"Well you keep distracting me." I stated. He puts his hands up in surrender. I sat down on the floor and finish organizing my clothes.

Lucas then sat next to me, and started looking through the pile of clothes. "You sure are snoopy, aren't you?" I ask, punching his arm so he can stop looking through my stuff.

He turns his head to look at me and that smirk comes back to his face. " what's this?" He ask. "What's what?" I ask. Turning my head to look at him and he pulls out a red lace thong out of my pile, I quickly snatch it away from his hands and sit on it.

"It's definitely not yours." I say. "I'll love to see you in that." He says seductively. I rolled my eyes." Well you know what I want to see... Is you leaving but you don't see that happening don't you." He sticks out his bottom lip.

"But babe." He wines. "Maya!" I quickly correct him. A serious expression appears on his face. "I don't care. I'm still going to call you babe."

"Whatever." I say. "Then I'm just going to call you asshole." He smiles as he also stands up from the floor. "Fine with me." I get up from the floor standing in front of him "I think it's time for you to go." I say, pulling him towards the balcony doors.

He frowns "why? You don't like company?" He asks. "Yeah well... Not your company." I pushed him out the door, now his standing on my balcony and I shut the door.

Damit. I forgot my doors were glass, so I could still see Lucas. He makes a puppy dog face, by sticking out his lips out, and enlarging his eyes and his face against the glass.

Awe how cute. But no he was getting on my nerves. I pulled the blinds and they swooped down, so I didn't have to see him.

I giggled to myself, as I lock the balcony doors.

"Maya!" He wines, as he taps on the glass. Wow I'm suprise he actually called me by my name not those stupid names.

I just ignored him and continue my music just to block Lucas tapping on the glass. I just enjoyed myself rocking out!!!!.
Unicorns... And puppies😇🦄🐶

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