Chapter 5

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I woke up in the middle of the night because the bus took a sharp turn and I rolled out of my bed and fell on the floor. It hurt quite bad since I was sleeping in the top bunk. I was thinking about crawling back in my bunk but the floor felt quite comfortable after a few minutes so I stayed where I am and went back to sleep on the floor.


>Jesus Ronnie you did not seriously sleep on the floor did you?< I hear someone talk somewhere above me so I slowly open on eye to see who it is. I see Matt hanging off his Bunk and looking down at me.

>Mhm.< I curl myself deeper in my duvet and close my eyes ready to go back to sleep when suddenly a body hits me. I peek at the person lying on top of me from under my duvet seeing the one and only Matt.

>Matt what are you doing?< I ask in a really tired voice.

He is just about to answer when my Brother walks in. His eyes widen at the sight in front of him and he quickly pushes Matt of me and stands me up.

>Matt what were you doing on top of my Baby Sister on the floor?< He didn't look angry. Of course he isn't angry at one of us. He knows I would never do that and he knows Matt would never do that either. He just wants an explanation that's it.

>I woke up earlier to see Ronnie sleeping on the floor. I rolled off my bunk and kind of landed on her explaining why I was on top of her.. Wow that sounds bad.< Si nods and looks at me.

>Ronnie what were you even doing on the floor?<

>Well you see I was peacefully sleeping in my bunk when we took a sharp turn and I fell on the floor. It was quite painful let me tell you. Since I was still half asleep I went back to sleep on the floor until I got rudely woken by Matt.< I explain to my Brother while walking to the Kitchen Part of the Bus and glare at Matt when I tell Si the last part.

Matt sticks his tongue out and turns around to talk to Rob. He is so childish sometimes. I quickly grab an apple and walk back to the Bunks. I lay my apple on my bed, grab my white ripped skinny jeans, my black bralette and my long white see through shirt which has to slits on the side, my black heeled ankle boots and walk into the bathroom to get ready.

After 1 hour I was finally done and walked out of the bathroom. Don't look like that. I am a girl so of course I'm going to take long, I mean I had to shower, brush my teeth, blowdry my hair and put my makeup on and get dressed.

I walk back to my bunk, grab my crossbody bag with my camera in it, phone and apple and walk to the lounge where I see Rob at the door.

>Where are you going Rob?< I ask  and take a bite of my apple.

>I was just about to get you. We need your help real quick. Your Brother went to see a Doctor but we are supposed to soundcheck now. Can yo help us out?< He looked at me with puppy eyes and I couldn't say no. I sigh and nod. The Boys thaught me all their songs on their instuments so I could help out if needed.

Rob and I walk into the Arena and up on the stage. I put my bag aside and grab Si's Guitar.

>Which song?< I ask the Band while strumming on the E-Guitar.

>Let's do Fire< I nod and we start playing. I missed being on stage with these idiots and messing around. While playing I see that the 5SOS Boys decided to watch us from the Audience but I don't really care because I have way too much fun. We started playing Automatic right afterwards. Right when we finished these two songs I see my Brother walking on the stage and towards me.

>Thanks Ronnie for helping out.< He takes the guitar from me and smiles.

>No Problem.< I am just about to grab my bag when I suddenly hear Matt calling for me.

>Ronnie can you help out real quick? I need to use the toilet.< I shrug my shoulders and walk to the Drums. I grab my hair tie and put my hair in a messy bun. I sit down and play a short solo that Matt thaught me and we start with the next song right away.

It's been one hour and we are now finally finished with the soundcheck. I played the guitar for two songs and the drums for one. I am now sitting in the second row of the audience googling sighseeing in Zurich.

>Hey uhm we are going out for a bit of sightseeing. Do you want to join us?< I look up and see beaufiful brown eyes staring at me. The dark haired boy in front of me looked kinda nervous so I smiled and nodded.

>Sure it'll better than sitting here the whole day.< I stand up and follow Calum to the rest of 5SOS. The rest of the Boys smile at me and start to walk to the black Van which is waiting outside for us.

I got to know the Boys better while we were on the way to some graffiti wings. The Boys are all extremely lovely and so much fun to be around. We got to the wings about 20 minutes later. We kind of did a small Photoshoot there which was really funny.

We, afterwards, drove around the city and looked at different things. We played tourist for 3 hours and then decided we should sit down in a cafe for a bit before we need to go back to the Venue. So that's what we did. I took so many photos of the city and the boys that I had to ditch the boys to buy a new memory card. The Boys drove to the Venue for Soundcheck and I left to go and buy memory cards.

I've been shopping for 2 hours before I went back to the Bus. I bought 5 Memory Cards (You can never have enough), Souvniers, 2 pairs of new shoes and so much MakeUp. I am currently carrying 5 shopping bags and let me tell you our Busdriver seemed amused. I guess he thinks I'm going to buy this much in every city but let me tell you one thing, the Boys wouldn't have any space left if I did so I'm not going to do it. I put my bags away and walk into the Venue just in time to see 5SOS soundchecking their last song.

I quitly sit down in the last row and watch the Boys, well mostly Calum but oh well.

I know it's been a while since I last updated but I kind of had a writers block and didn't find the time to write. I hope you enjoy this Chapter anyway. And if you haven't already check out my other 5SOS FanFiction called Beside You. Thanks for reading this Story <3

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