Chapter 7 {Monster}

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3rd Person POV
"So are there any more questions before we resume training?" Asks Red. Everyone stays silent. "Okay then I want to see Jin and Cory duke it out, see if we can get any of those powers working!" Says Red "And begin!"
Jin grabs some water from the pond throwing it at Cory. Cory just lets himself fall backwards, falling through his own shadow. Stunned at this Jin freezes before looking behind him seeing a smirking Cory kicking him in the pond. Everyone freezes waiting for Jin to surface.
A geyser of water shoots up and on top of it stands Jin with his trident. Cory backs up from the pond being bombarded by missiles of water. Unable to dodge them Cory instinctively puts up his right hand in it is some sort of blackness that turns the missiles of water into harmless splashes.
Jin stops the bombard of water and Cory stares at the blackness around his hand. Cory then puts his left hand in his hair starting to laugh slightly maniacally.
"Umm w-what's going on?" Asks Ross "I think he's going insane!" Says Aphmau. Jin struck by fear immediately loses control of the water falling into the pond. He quickly swims and gets on land watching Cory.
"C-cory's eyes, they've turned like b-blank!" Exclaims Sky as Cory teleports to a shadow in front of Jin. Cory grabs Jin's shoulder the slowly raises his hand with the energy draining power to Jin's neck.
"Cory no!" Shouts Shelby running up and pushing Cory away from Jin. Cory turns to Shelby reaching for her with the hand surrounded by darkness.
Shelby grabs his hand with hers, but now hers has white surrounding it. The combination of the black and white causes a powerful force to form and knock Cory and Shelby away from each other leaving them unconscious.
"What just actually happened?" Asks Sky "I-I don't know." Answers Red "Let's just get them inside now.". Aphmau and Sky run over to help Jin up before helping to carry Cory and Shelby inside.
"We should set them on the couch next to each other." Says Aphmau "Why should we do that?" Asks Jin "Come on for the ship Jin. For the ship." Says Sky "Should we be joking around after what just happened?" Asks Ross "Well why not?" Replies Sky "Yeah, a negative mood will weaken or possible render us unable to use our powers. Right Red?" Says Aphmau "Yup she's right!" Answers Red "Okay I get that but on a serious note, what happened to Cory?" Asks Jin "I'm not sure. To be honest the last time powers were given to people nobody was chosen to have the Death power, maybe this is part of the reason." Replies Red "Okay so the power may be making Cory go insane but let's be honest, who here isn't already?" Says Aphmau smiling "Well she's got a good point." Says Ross chuckling a little.
"Now let me us fan girl over Shelby and Cory holding hands!" Shouts Aphmau. Aphmau's shout woke Cory up from his state of unconsciousness "Ugh what happened..." Cory starts putting his face in his hand "And where did my mask go?" Cory finishes frantically looking around for the mask "Um why does it matter?" Asks Jin "Well. Because. I don't know I just don't like showing my face!" Cory exclaims covering his face. Hearing the commotion Shelby wakes up. "Ugh what did I do..." Says Shelby "Hey Shelby have you seen Cory's mask?" Asks Ross "Yeah after Cory fell back in his own shadow his mask didn't go with him for some reason." Answer Shelby.
Cory runs out the door and grabs it putting it on before walking back in. "That's better." Cory sighs. "Hey uh Cory, do you remember what happened?" Asks Sky "Well I was fighting Jin then he started sending water missiles at me, frustrated I raised my hand and it had blackness around it that seemed to drain the power right out of the water..." Starts Cory "Anything else?" Asks Ross hesitantly "I remember looking at my hand then things kinda go blurry yet I still see what's going on, I wasn't controlling my actions but I wasn't trying to stop them either." Finishes Cory "Well at least you don't have brain damage." Says Red. "After attacking Jin, Shelby held my hand?" Says Cory questionable. Shelby just starts an awkward laugh "Yeah I had the same thing as you in my hand but white so I figured it would counter act yours..." Says Shelby "But I held your hand..." Repeats Cory blushing a little.
"Now kiss!" Says Aphmau pushing them together "No it's not like that!" Shouts Cory. "Yeah so don't try to force it." Pouts Shelby.
Cory looks at the ground in Jin's direction saying "I'm sorry about that." "It's okay nobody got seriously hurt or anything." Says Jin "I know but it's my fault, but I still can't tell why I'm doing this!" Exclaims Cory holding his head in his hands "Calm down Cory." Says Sky.
"How can I be calm. I'm practically a monster..." Says Cory. Shelby hugs Cory making him blush harder. "Don't let your powers define who you are. And I speak for us all when I say none of us think you're a monster." Says Shelby comforting Cory. "Um... T-thank you S-shelby." Says Cory hugging her back. "My OTP is so perfect!" Whispers Aphmau "I shall join you in the fan girling." Whispers Sky. Ross and Jin just sigh in unison. "Well glad this is sorted out, a little bit." Says Red "We can help you with your powers tomorrow.".

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