i. bonnie & clyde

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The sound of lead against rough white paper was like music to Indie's ears as she moved it across her sketchbook, her eyes moving up and down the campus lot as she took in the view. A happy hum left her lips as she brushed her fingers over the creamy lead and smudged it across the image on her page. She was lost in her own small world, a quiet instrumental played in her background – the campus musicians playing on the park grounds.

She moved lines across the page and when she spread it uncontrollably across the page as she winced, a strong grasp down on her shoulders. The brunette jumped as she let out a squeal of fear but the familiar laughter, relaxed her as she settled and turned to give her best friend a glare.

"Damnit, Tina!" She groaned. "What the hell was that for?"

"What was that for?" Tina laughed. "How can I not scare you? It's just too much fun and your reaction is different every single time. It's too funny."

"Okay, well, look at this," Indie turned her sketchbook around and pointed at the landscape sketch of the campus grounds. "You made me ruin it. Thank you for that."

"Oh, come on, just clean it up," she grabbed and eraser from Indie's pencil case, offering it to her.

The brunette's lips curled down, "It's too late for that, T. It's ruined. I can't fix it."

"What is the point of drawing with pencil if you can't erase things? That is literally the whole point," she groaned over the subject of pencils and their purpose.

"I can erase it but then it leaves that stupid smudge mark and it just ruins the whole thing," Indie shook her head. "It doesn't matter. I didn't really like it anyways," she admitted but Tina could tell it was a lie as Indie shut the sketchbook in her hand. She reached over and tucked it into her bag that her bare legs laid over. "Don't you have class today?" She questioned.

"I've got an hour between classes," Tina told her as she sat down properly, tucking her jean covered legs under each other. Indie hummed and nodded her head as she leaned back, resting her back against the bark covered tree. It was Indie's favourite spot on the whole campus, it was her drawing spot and she loved it. The giant tree shading them but still allowed her to see the whole view of campus. It was near the arts building and for that reason, she could see all of the crazies and all the creative minds.

"Oh," she hummed. "What's your next class?"

"Calculus," Tina held her giant textbook up to show off.

"With Liam?" She asked, running her finger along the top of her ear until her fingers brushed the hoop in the top of her ear and she rubbed her finger over it.

"That'd be the one," she nodded. "What about you? Got any classes today?"

"I've got my drawing class at three," Indie explained and held her feet out again as she moved her fingers along the buttons on her shirt, her eyes following causing the loose pieces of hair that framed her face to fall down.

"New boots?" Tina asked when she noticed the newest addition to Indie's boot collection on her feet. Indie looked up and smiled as she nodded her head to answer. "They are cute."

"Aren't they?" Indie grinned as she looked up, spotting her best friend since she was two years old walking along the walk with his guitar case at hand. "River!" Indie called out for him, earning his attention as he turned and headed towards the two, pulling on one of the earphones as he came towards them.

"How's my favourite girl and...old man?" River raised an eyebrow as he greeted the girls and teased Indie about the shirt on her torso. "What the hell are you wearing, Ind?"

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