Chapter One

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After Karamatsu arrived to the hospital, he received the usual look of pity from the doctors before they allowed him to leave.

He had been brought there by the ambulance after they found him outside of his house, knocked out and in his pajamas.

He flirted with the nurse before he left, her rolling her eyes and waving him goodbye as he hopelessly tried to act cool.
Listening to your favorite songs on your MP3 player, you strode down the street. Well, not exactly the street, but rather the sidewalk. You catch my drift?

Music is love, music is life, am I right? Wait, no. Music is god. Yeah, that's better.

You didn't have a destination to arrive to most of the time, including this one. You simply just enjoyed going out for walks. It was a great time-killer, which was a great advantage in your favor since you were waiting for a new episode of your favorite show to air later tonight.

Since you didn't necessarily have any plans for today, you decided that you would stop by a nearby gas station of some sort and pick up some snacks since the shop was getting close to you.

You also intended on getting your dog some treats, too. Convenient, huh? A pet store was also near you. Across the gas station, too. You loved your neighborhood.

You began to think of what else you'd buy once you'd got there, and apparently you must've been extremely lost in thought, because you bumped right into something... no, someone! Jeez what a klutz, you thought. He should watch where he's going!

You had managed to knock him to the ground, rendering him unconscious. You took in his appearance a bit more, noticing that he was injured rather heavily. He had a bunch of bruises and cuts littered around his face.

You looked down to his apparent broken arm. It was currently being held up, in order for it to heal quicker and more efficiently, you supposed.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" You repeated to yourself.

You immediately felt guilty and were unsure of what to do. He couldn't move out of the way because he had crutches. Crutches that were now askewed across the ground.

Yeah, your guilt just skyrocketed much, much higher than the Eiffel Tower. No, wait. Higher than the moon.

Poor guy, you thought. You couldn't just leave him here, and it was your fault for running into him. He probably had a bad enough concussion as it was. Plus, the hospital was way too far away to walk there by foot.

Lifting him onto your back, you were surprised to see that he wasn't all that heavy at all. You then proceeded to carry him all the way back into your apartment, and prior to opening the door, you immediately placed him on your sofa, skipping to the kitchen to fetch something that could dull his headache down a few notches from the freezer.

Your apartment wasn't anything special. The rooms were all painted [F/C], you had a full-furniture set, a recliner included, of which was currently being occupied by your puppy, Lucky. You had a simple kitchen, a simple bathroom, and a simple bedroom. You also had a balcony, a few chairs on top.

After you grabbed something, you skipped back, and put the bag of ice that you found onto his head.

Now, you were no nurse, but you were certain that this would aid him to a very high extent. You propped his arm up with a pillow, along with his legs.

You smiled at your handiwork, putting a small blanket over his figure.

Now, how were you going to explain this to him once he woke up..?

"Maybe I could lie to him and say that I found him on the ground, unresponsive?" You tapped your chin. "Nah.. wait.. That might actually work!" You quietly exclaimed to yourself, unsure if he was still asleep or not.

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