Chapter 6

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Wendy's POV

I was running I kept running because I didn't want to stop. After running for so long I decide to stop and go to the park I saw. It was already 11 but I didn't care if it was dangerous. i was sitting on the swings how could i be so stupid thinking he was my friend. Did i forget on what happened last time! I was walking backing home it was dark no one was on the street, but i kept feeling someone was following me. I was scared, i had no one to call to no friend but i'll just call the police if anything happens. I had my phone ready to call if anything happened. Until a group of teenage boys saw me and they were all smirking. They were walking to me i was about to call until someone came behind me and took my phone. I was then being ganged up by the guys.

"Aren't you a cute girl. Hey guys isn't she pretty?"

"Yea she is, you wanna play with her?"

"Your not playing with anyone"

they kept coming closer and i kept walking backwards until my back reaches a wall. Great now i can't even run. One of the put their arm right next to me face, leaning in and trying to kiss me on the neck. I kept moving my head around so they couldn't do anything to me.

"She's a tough one" The guy grabs both of my arms and puts them against the wall i tried breaking off from it but he was too strong. I had to act fast or something will happen to me.

"If you do anything else i'll hurt you!" What am i doing! Acting tough will just get me more in danger. He leaned for a kiss so i decided to kick him in the nuts and he let go of me so i started running. I was already tired from running before i lost all my energy but i kept on running i was scared. I didn't know where i was going but I just wanted to go away from them. They were chasing me, damn it. I hid behind something and they didn't see me so they kept running that was when i decide to run back but someone was their, they knew i was there and now im stuck again. He called his gang and the guy i kicked threw me down. I scraped my leg it was bleeding. He then was going for a punch I just decided to block myself. Why should I care, i have no friends and family. I should just die. I close my eyes but nothing punched me instead i heard punches. Someone called out my name.

"Wendy are you okay?" I look up its Taehyung. He had such a worried face.

"Y-yeah im fine"

"You don't look fine! L-look your bleeding" I learned how to control on blood but this girls blood is different. Her blood is sweet, it makes you want it. I can't control myself i need to snap out it. I decide slap myself and cover her blood. I also plugged my nose so i can't smell it.

"Let me take you to the hospital."

"No it's okay you don't have to, this is not that bad and please i just wanna go home. Enough has happened."  She looked at me and her eyes were serious, i decided to drop her home.


Wendy's POV

I decide not to go to school. I couldn't bare to see his face. I'm always alone, no one's there for me but i'm used to it, why is it affecting me now? I didn't eat either, what's the use. I called the school saying I'd miss 1 week of school. I didn't move from room, I didn't eat I didn't even take a shower. I stayed like this all weekend long.

Suga's POV

Wendy didn't come to school for the whole week. Is it because of me? I'm a little worried, what if she's hurt. She probably doesn't want to see me. All I said was to leave me alone why is she so but hurt by that.

No One's POV

Little does suga know that Wendy was bullied when she was younger. She wasn't as skinny as everyone else and everyone made fun of her and called her names. No one would talk to her people would bully her. She had no one. All she had was her parents but then they got murdered. Now she was truly alone all she had was the necklace her mom gave her. She never took it off, her mom told her to keep it forever. Wendy liked this boy in her grade, he asked her out and she was soo happy until she heard what really happened. He only dated her because of this bet with his friend of who could get the uglier girl. Wendy really liked him, she then liked to be alone. She is a really kind person but was always taken granted so she made a new personality where she would be mean and likes to be alone.


1 week past and wendy finally decides to go to school. She lost a lot of weight, she was a bit chubby before but now she looks too skinny and weak. She looked like she was dying but she didn't care because on the inside she was.

Wendy's POV

I decide to go to school but my school uniform doesn't fit, it's too big. I decide to tell the school i need a smaller uniform. So they tell me to come in my own clothes and they'll get me a new one. I decide to wear a crop top, with black high waisted shorts and a grey hoodie on top. As i'm going inside the school i can hear people talking about me. I put my hoodie on so they can't see my face.

"Is that wendy? She wasn't here for a week"

"Look how much weight she lost"

"She's not even wearing her uniform tsk who does she think she is"

I ignore them because they're useless to deal with. I go to the school office and they couldn't recognize me at first. They give me my school uniform and i go change. I felt someone watching me I turn around, no one's there. I'm a little worried. I decide to change in the girls bathroom instead. I go to class telling Ms.Kim why I was late. I see suga but I don't want to sit next to him. I was just standing there until Ms.Kim told me to sit down. I go to my desk not making any eye contact to him. He gets a message.

Suga's POV

"Ms.Kim i think it's time for us to change our seating plan."

"Alright, but all of you guys are going to have to pick a piece paper, the number written on the paper is where you sit." She drew what numbers sit together on the board.

There was 23 students so the numbers went up to 23. I got number 1 that was the seat that sits with no one yes! It's also at the back! The seat next to my desk was 16 and 23. I wonder who go that. I was resting my head until i heard wendy.

"Are you kidding me"

Her seat was 16! Beside her was Mark. (got7) Great i did this to get away from her and now her desk is basically right next to mine. At Least she's not right beside me like before.

Ms.Kim then announced the new project and how it's in partners. It was for a music mark. I was praying not to get wendy but Ms.Kim wanted us to be partners since I was a model student and Wendy hasn't been here for a week. When class ended i was going to talk about the project but she just walked out, even when i called her name she didn't look.

I did it for her. So she would be safe

I did it for you Wendy

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