Chapter 10

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Bruce could make up a million reasons as to why he didn't want to introduce Percy to the Justice League just yet, but he would never out loud admit the real one; he wanted to see their reactions. Yes, the famous Dark Knight wanted to pull a prank. While Bruce was raising him, Dick would play hilarious tricks on the League and his Young Justice team that involved lying, deceit and sneaking around. Bruce was always secretly proud of his pranks, and now, it was his turn. Who would ever believe he, The Batman, had a girlfriend?

And so, he put off introducing her to them for a month, waiting for the perfect opportunity. Everytime Flash or Green Arrow asked if he had any information on the girl that saved them, all he ever said was, "I'm working on it," or "I'm close," and then proceeded to subtly change the topic.

Finally, when he felt it was the right time, he told Percy to suit up, because he was going to give her a tour of the Watchtower.

Percy was grinning in excitement as she bounded into the cave. She quickly changed into her costume and came up behind Bruce, who was putting on his own suit. He turned around to greet her by kissing her deeply, his hands settling at her waist.

"Ready to meet the League?" he asked, smirking.

"Come on, let's go!" she exclaimed and pecked him again on the lips. She then proceeded to step onto the zeta beam field.

Bruce set the coordinated for the Watchtower and then joined her.


Bruce looked at Percy, confused. Percy just shook her head and pulled Bruce's cowl over his head, which he had forgotten in the moment of kissing her.

"There, perfect," Percy said just in time as the zeta beam took them to the JL Headquarters.

When they arrived, Batman and Seabird stepped out, calm and collected. As they strode down the hall, heroes turned around, their faces confused and their eyebrows furrowed at the sight of an unknown super walking alongside Batman.

They walked until they reached the center most part of the orbiting ship, where the original 7 and Green Arrow met to discuss plans and missions. (AN I'm going to include GA because I'd hate to leave him out, Black Canary will be with the Young Justice team)

As entered the area, the heroes turned to greet Batman but started to stare disbelievingly at the guest he had brought.

"W-What is this?" Superman got out, still staring at the girl beside Batman. He then shifted his gaze over to his team member. "What is she doing here?"

"You told me to find her," Bruce deadpanned. Percy did her best to hold in a smile.

"You brought her to the Watchtower?" Wonder Woman said incredulously.

"Her name is Seabird and she is a hero," Batman added. Percy gave them all a little wave.

"This is serious, Batman," Green Lantern said, "Who would you bring her, unrestrained, to our headquarters?"

"Yeah, what happens if she goes all psycho and tries to kill us all?" Green Arrow put in helpfully.

"She's a hero," Batman said again.

"Batman. We had a lengthy discussion before we even let our proteges in here," Martian Manhunter said wisely.

"She's also a Bat."

"Huh?" was Flash's intelligent response.

"You know...Member of the Batfamily, a coworker of Batman, Batman's ally..." Seabird trailed off.

The others blinked, stunned at the revelation.

"What? You're a...Bat?" Superman looked extremely confused. "But-?"

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