The Light I Seek

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//Note: This poem is for a poetry contest, so please enjoy! //

I step into the darkness.

Not a wisp of an idea of where I am going--

Not a clue of what the darkness holds.

I graze my frail hands against the stone walls,

and take a sharp breath of humid air,

Preparing for what the darkness holds.

I take another timid step into what I cannot see

And without warning, I fall to the ground.

Stairs, scaling downward at a rapid pace stand before me

Grasping for a railing that the walls lack,

I slowly continue downward

Without a clue of what the darkness holds

After more time passing had gone unrealized,

I see a light

"At last!" I cry and begin to run to the glorious light

Faster and faster I run; down and down I go

But the farther away the light became

I never did reach the light alone

Where did I go wrong?

How did I get lost so quickly?

The answer was simple, yet I tried to deny it

Only one thing could bring me to the light--

and that person was You.

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