redoing the the school dance

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The next morning sasuke woke naruto up early "hey kitten" sasuke says as naruto woke up "nya" he said sleepily as he went to fall back sleep "dobe" sasuke says "naruto" he says again "naru" he says as sasuke rolled his eyes as he leaning down and kissed narutos nose "wake up sweet heart" he purred as naruto intently woke up and backed away "who the heck you callin' sweet heart teme" naruto growls as he glared at sasuke, who just chuckled "what ever do be you wouldn't wake up we have to get to the new prom now hurry up and get dressed we leave in 5 minutes" sasuke says as naruto looked at sasuke as if he was crazy "how long was i asleep for" naruto asks "it's 530pm in the after noon dobe its almost night time" sasuke says as naruto got up, quickly than ran to get ready whole sasuke left downstairs.

He looked over at menma and sasukie they seemed out of it "OK what questions do you guys have ask naruto some questions once he gets done getting ready" sasuke says as he sat down.

"What do they mean by sasuke the little brother of itachi the sharangon if there after your there after me to" sasukie asks as he looked at his twin brother "no they won't go after you the person who is orochimaru but he only wants me for a vessel" sasuke says as he sighs then leaned against the wall he was standing next to as someone ran down the hallway "OK I'm done how long did that take" naruto says as he looked at sasuke "congrats our waiting time for you is 3 minutes new record" sasuke says as naruto sighed.

"Hurry up and hide you tails" sasuke says again as naruto does so he looked at menma and sasukie.

"Naruto we have some questions to ask you" sasukie says looking at naruto "why we're they after you naruto" menma asks.

"Pain" sasuke says as the 2 looked at him "what" they both asked "a group called pain is after naruto.....actually Toby is.....or should I say madara" sasuke says "wait how do you know this" naruto says "your brother told me he said I need to protect you" sasuke says as he looked at naruto "what your brother said i need to protect you" naruto says.

Soon the room was quiet as sasukie and menma escaped the occurred atmosphere "I don't get why there after me when menma is the same" naruto says as he crossed his arms. "That because a different group is after menma sasukie is safe...........though he hasn't awoke his sharangon yet neither" sasuke says the last part quietly "I guess our brothers trust us to have each other's backs" naruto says as he smiled.

"I didn't ask about the seal of you stomach though so I didn't bother to" sasuke says as he looked away "well I noticed you curse mark when I was turned into a chibi even though I didn't know what it was until kyuubi told me" naruto says as he crossed his arms and sasuke smirked as he ruffed narutos hair and petted the blonds ears earning a softly purr "cute" sasuke mumbles as naruto blushed "um not cute" the Fox says as he pouts.

Soon the 4 left for the school dance as sasuke made sure all the doors the locked before leaving but there wasn't a point since there was a barrier that surrounded the house that only sasuke and sasukie family and closes friends can enter.

Making it to the school prom naruto was amazed it was like it was yesterday though no one would Remember except for though who made it though to find out but will think it's a dream.

"Hey naruto" someone yelled as the blond turned around and thank God sasuke used a ribbon to hold his ears down thanks sasuke "hey kiba what's up" naruto says as he made sure to act like it was his very first time here "how ya meen" naruto asks "good thanks how bout you" kiba asks as he looked at naruto "good but tired though" naruto says as kiba looked suspicious.

"Why's that" kiba asks pushing forward and naruto intently picked up what kiba was trying to do "sasuke and sasukie came over to our house yesterday and spent the night we watched a horror movie it was the boy" naruto says as kiba nods and his suspicion dropped "really how was it" he asks as naruto didn't want to admit how terrified he was "it was a good movie I laughed at a few parts of it" naruto lied when he, actually hugged sasuke for dear life getting jump scared the whole way threw but wasn't gonna tell kiba that nope.

"Wow dude cool what was sasuke menma and sasukie reaction" kiba asks "sasuke didn't seem bothered by it at all like he seem it 100 times already....menma was brave to and sasukie only jumped once but I couldn't blame him the room was could after all so I got blankets for all four of us" naruto says though he lied even more except for the sasuke part that was the truth that guy had guts of steal wow.

"Wow you guys are cool I heard that movie was straight out terrifing" kiba says as naruto laughed as rubbed the back of his head while says just smirked and chuckled lightly at how much naruto was lying to his friend though it was true about what the blond said about him soon he heard a squeal as he frowned and looked at the girls who were just now taking out there phones as they pouted "awwww we missed the one in a life time smile" one girl complains "that wasn't a smile" sasuke says rolling his eyes as he was back to having a 'I could care less face' as he looked at naruto who looked back at him making eye contact.


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