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Third person's POV.

"Zeeniya why are you do worried?" Jahan asked looking at his wife who was watching at the photo frame she was holding.

"You are asking why I'm worried?? I'm worried for him." Zeeniya said while looking at the picture.

Jahan smiled and took a place next to his beloved wife on bed and took that photo from his hand.

"I'm so proud of him." Jahan said while caressing the picture.

"And I'm thank full to you for giving me such a great son." Jahan said and Kissee her forehead which make her blush.

Even in this age,he still makes her shy and blush. He live to see her like this.

"Don't change the topic." Zeeniya said while looking at him who was smiling.

"It's all your fault. You didn't stop him.from taking extra interest in business and now we lost pur son. Have you seen him on dinner? Or on breakfast with us?? We are loosing him Jahan." Zeeniya said looking at Aarham's pic.

"I know." Jahan nodded and wrap his arm around zeeniya's shoulder and she put her head on his shoulder.

"I don't want him to go far,from us." Zeeniya said and Jahan remove the hair strand from face.

"I won't let him go. I promise. I will bring him back to live. I won't let him lost behind the files
And laptop. He have to know the real meaning of life. I promise I'll bring your son back to life." Jahan said while looking at zeeniya's face.

"Really! Oh thank you Jahan. I love you." With that she hugged him and he also wrap his arms around her.

"I love you too my love. " He said and kept her in his arms.

"Mom..ooppss." Sameer was entering the room.when he saw his parents hugging each other.

He turned to other side and Jahan and zeeniya parted away.

"You should knock before entering my son." Jahan said and sameer turned to them.

"Yeah right dad but for that you have to close the door." He said making Jahan chuckle and zeeniya blush

"Oye stop making my wife shy. Only I can do that." Jahan said and zeeniya glare Jahan.

"What wifey!! He disturb our romance." Jahan said and zeeniya hit his chest making him laugh.

"Okay sameer listen. I have a work for you." Jahan said looking at his son.

"Yes dad." He answered.

"Call a family meeting before dinner. Aarham is going to be late tonight. So its time for a meeting." Jahan exclaimed and sameer was confused.

"But dad Aarham bhai wouldn't attend this family meeting??" He asked and Jahan shake his head as no.

"No he can't. And don't dare anyone to tell about this meeting to Aarham." Jahan said and he nodded.

Sameer left and Jahan turned to zeeniya who was looking at him.

"What are you going yo do??" Zeeniya asked and he cupped her face.

"Bringing back your son." He said and kissed her forehead which make her smile.

27years passed but their love for each other was same. They were crazy for each other. With the passes of time their love grow for each other and he also make her shy and blush in this age. And that's what he loves,making her blush.

"Aarham has to understand the real meaning of living." Jahan said and zeeniya nodded.


In Hall.

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