войны и солдаты

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The two bullets collide.

Well I'll be damned, I didn't even know that was even possible.

I snap out of my awestruck moment and do a flip, kicking the gun out of Bucky's hand with my right leg then kicking him in the face with my left leg.

It kills me to even have to hit his perfect face. That should be a sin that sends me to the lowest circle of hell.

I throw an electroshock disc at his metal arm and I make a run for the target control panel. I jump onto the curved beam and try to crawl my way up without slipping back down.

Just as I'm about to jump to the railings above me, Bucky shoots a wire and wraps it around my leg, he tugs it forcefully causing me to smack face first onto the metal surface.

The screeching of my claws against the metal is the only sound other than my quiet grunts. I keep on digging my claws but Bucky is way too strong that I literally feel my knee ready to pop out.

I let go due to the fact I don't want my leg dislocated. I flip onto my back before falling onto the glass below me.

I cut the wire and pull it before he can reach for his gun. He stumbles forward and I run to jump on his back and wrap my legs around him.

With each of my legs I try to hold down his arms while I try to choke him only to make him pass out temporarily.

What you didn't seriously think I was going to easily end his life ? Hell no, I just got him back, assassin or not I'm still keeping him even if I have to chain him up. Okay maybe chaining him up is a bit too much.

Anyways just as I expected, he manages to get his left arm free and reaches back to grab me. His cold metal arm grazes the back of my thigh, sending a shiver down my spine.

"Whoa there Bucky, not here." I let out a dry laugh as we both writhe on the windows. Once his hand reaches my belt I realize what he's doing, he's getting the target blade from me. Without thinking I reach to stop him and he takes the advantage to escape my grip. Clever little punk.

"Three minutes." Hill startles me. Oh crap!

Unfortunately the target blade slips from my pocket and lands a few windows away from us. We both run for it, well I run for it while Bucky runs for me.

He pulls out a knife and swings it at my head, I duck down and reach to hold his hand to prevent him from stabbing me.

"Please! You know I can't let you do this!" I yell to him as I look him in the eyes. I'm basically using most of my strength on his left arm, his metal arm parts start to move as he pushes the knife closer to me. "Oh, in any other moment that would've been such a turn on."

(Sorry, I just had to see it

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(Sorry, I just had to see it.)

He ignores me and punches me hard in the stomach, I let out a small grunt and lose my posture. I'm pretty sure he broke some ribs. He takes advantage of the angle that I'm at and pushes the knife into my right shoulder.

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