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"Harry love seriously you're not going to throw up. You've been doing this every morning since I told you the condom broke. You're just psyching yourself out into thinking you're pregnant." Louis said to Harry as he leaned over the toilet. Harry groaned and stood up before going to change out of his pyjamas.

"I can't be pregnant Louis, I can't."

"I know love, I don't want any more kids either, especially since Niall needs more attention as it is but if you are pregnant then we'll just have to adapt to that. Everything will be okay." Harry just nodded as Louis rubbed his back softly before kissing his forehead.

"I think we should go get the kids ready, their appointment is in an hour." Louis agreed and went to pack something they could eat on the way there. Harry proceeded to the boys room and was surprised to see them already awake and playing with trucks in Niall's bed. Ashton turned at the sound of the door opening and smiled when seeing Harry before tapping Niall on the shoulder and pointing towards their dad.


"Hey boys, ready for your doctor's appointment with Zoe?" Both boys nodded and reached up for Harry. They loved Zoe so thankfully doctor's visits weren't usually a big deal. Unfortunately Harry was pretty sure today wouldn't be the same, the boys were due for their next round of shots. Harry picked them up and carried them over to their closet before picking out a simple T-shirt and skinny jeans for both of them with black and white converse. He dressed them after making sure Ashton went potty and changing Niall's nappy then styled their hair. "Okay why don't you go see if Papa is ready?" He said as well as signed. They both nodded and took off running. Harry was glad to see them playing together but he hated that there was still that huge barrier between them. There was barely any communication between them and as they grew older they would just continue to grow apart. He knew they had to do something about it but he didn't know what. They had been trying to teach him sign language but it clearly wasn't working well enough. He decided to talk to Louis about it later because they had to get going if they were going to make it on time.

"Niall and Ashton Stylinson." Zoe called out. Ashton looked up and ran over to hug her right away while Louis and Harry got Niall's attention before leading him over as well. She led them back to her office and quickly took their vitals before checking their height and weight. When she finished that she took out some toys for them to play with as she went over their charts.

"Alright, for being premature Ashton is doing really well. He's 21.3kg (47lbs.) and 42inches. However I'm a bit concerned about Niall, he's always been the smaller one but he's only 13.1kg (29lbs.) And 37in. I'm going to give you a meal plan for him that's high in protein and fat because he really needs to gain weight. The height there isn't much we can do for that besides hope he catches up eventually."

"Looks like Niall got your genes." Harry joked to Louis which earned him a slap on the leg. Over the past four years Harry shot up in height and now towered over Louis... He was still Louis' baby though and he'd never give up his position as the little spoon. Harry was a power bottom and he was proud of it.

"Anyway I'm going to go get their vaccinations ready, do you have any questions?" Harry shook his head no but Louis gave him a look that said to ask her.

"Actually Zoe, um do you think you could give me a pregnancy test?" Zoe let out a small gasp of shock but quickly composed herself and nodded.

"Oh, yeah of course." She then left the room to get what she needed.

"Baby please, relax." Louis said as he put his hand on Harry's leg to stop him from shaking. Zoe came back seconds later with two needles and a clear plastic cup.

"Alright Harry go ahead and go into the toilets and pee into the cup then place it in the little door against the wall. I'll wait to give the boys their vaccinations until you come back." Harry nodded and thanked her as he took the cup and went into the loo. He quickly did his business and placed the cup as specified before washing his hands and going back into the room where Louis was rolling up the boys' sleeves.

"Alright so we'll have the results in a few minutes. Now which one of the boys do you want to go first?"

"Umm...I guess we'll just go in birth order so Ashton first." Louis replied. Zoe nodded as she rubbed Ashton's arm with the rubbing alcohol pad as Niall watched in curiosity. The last time they got shots they were two years old so they don't remember. Zoe then took the needle and quickly gave Ashton the shot which caused him to let out an ear piercing cry. Niall saw his brother crying and immediately got scared and began to cry as well. As soon as Zoe put the plaster on Ashton's arm Harry picked him up with tears running down his own face. He hated seeing either of them in pain. Louis held Niall as he got his shot and Harry looked away while still comforting Ashton. He cringed and swore he felt his heart break a little more when Niall screamed, signalling he had just gotten his shot. Zoe disposed of the needles and pulled out a box full of toys for the boys to choose from. That immediately ceased Ashton's crying as he picked out a new truck. Niall picked out a small tub of purple clay with little cut outs but he was still sniffling as tears ran down his chubby cheeks. Zoe then took out her tablet and looked up at Harry and Louis.

"I have the results of your test Harry."

Ha you guys still have to wait, I'm evil I know. Do you think it'll be positive or negative?

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