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the lone wolf's family <g callen and nell jones love story>

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G callen gave a sigh of happiness and leaned back in his chair as he watched his to favorite girls in the world hang orniments on the Christmas tree. Nell smiled as Hailey stretched trying to reach the tope of the Christmas tree and frowned at Callen when she realized she wouldn't be able to reach it no mateer how hard she tried. Callen not wanting to see his three year old daughter so upset got up from his chair and picked her up so she could place the angel at the tippy top of the tree. Hailey squealed and clapped with delight amd both Callen and Nell laughed at their daughter's obvious giddiness. When both his wife and daughter had driffted off to sleep Callen stayed awake remembring what had led up to him beening married to Nell Hailey coming into their lives and now a son was on the way. Liam Mitchel Callen. G had picked the name out all be himself and surprisingly both Nell and Hailey loved it.


Callen had thought everyone had already left for the night so e powered down the lights and walked over to the couch. Thump.Thump.Thump. He heard a small groan and a few wimpers he ran over to the stairs and saw Nell clutchimg her ankle,she was biting her lip to refrain from screaming in pain and Callen automatically wanted to make the pain go away. "Lemme see Nell." The pixie like analist shook her head no G gave a sigh of frustration and picked her up bridalstyle ignoring the small woman's protests and layed her down on the couch so he could get a better look at her ankle. It was swollen and puffy, she was gonna have a nasty bruise in the morning.

"Is it broken?"her tiny voice asked Callen loved her and hated to see her in pain. He sighed and lifted her legs up so he could sit down then laid them across his lap. He was enjoying the faimt blush that swept across Nell's cheeks.

"It's not broken, but you're staying here tonight, we don't need you hurting it anymore" She started to protest but stopped when she saw the look on Callen's face. She crossed her arms across her chest and a small smirk appeared on her face. "What?" Callen was curious Nell had a full on smirk across her face.

"You'll break before i do" he understood now. Nell wanted him to kiss her just as much as he did but she had put up a challenge and G Callen never backs down from a challenge.

"You're on pixie."

of course Nell had been right he had kissed her first. Just as he was the first to grasp her hand in his and ask her out first. He was the one who asked he to marry him (mush to eric's dismay) he had been the one to bring up buying a house and starting a family. Nell Jones and given him challenge nad he stepped up to meet it.

[end flashback]

Nell tossed over in her sleep and layed her head on his chest. He softly kissed her head then her stomach where the 8 months baby boy was. He had never imagine himself getting married and having a family. He was a lone wolf. But now he was a lone wolf with a wife, daughter and soon to be son.

He was a lone wolf with a family

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