I love Woman

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love Women



The party last night was going on in my head. I sat up in the bed I was in looking around me. How many people could you actually sleep with in a single night? I started counting the bodies of women in bed with me. Damn I did pretty good with six girls and all of them where draped all over my body in some small way. I shifted and moved my way out of the bed carefully. I so did not wont any of them to wake up and start asking questions when will I see you again or some other such nonsense.

Finding my clothes I dressed quickly. Turning to look at the women on the bed most of them I knew to be cheer girls the others? Well just some preppy types. I would remember the faces but not the names.

Finally making it out of the room I hurried to the door to take me the hell out of here. Before any one woke up. Finding my car I jumped in putting my key into start it. I took off down the street I needed food. Half way down the road I looked in my rear view mirror and stomped on the brake.

“What the hell.” Some one was in my back seat. “Who are you?”

“I came with a friend and I had no way home so I found a car that was open and crawled in to sleep.”

“Why?” I asked curious.

“I don’t like drunken parties and most people hate Goth’s like me. I had a few drinks didn’t like anything I saw and went outside to be alone. But I got tired of waiting for him to come back so I found your car and went to sleep in it.”

“Well hell get up here with me then and I take you home.” Why me? I thought.

“I cant go home. I have a room mate that’s not alone tonight if you know what I mean. That’s why I am still here sort of.” She said climbing over the seat.

“I was going to go out for something to eat. You hungry?”

“Yes starving really.” She said looking at me.

She was a hot little number even for a chick that wore all black. Nice full lips and bre@sts that were a nice shape and size. It was hard to tell how tall she was. But she was shorter than me that I knew. I kind of liked the purple hair. For some reason it looked good on her. Short but not dike short and she was pretty.

I drove up to a local diner and got out. We were seated pretty quickly and the lady took our order from us right away. It seems that both of us were to hungry and just ordered the same thing a sampler plate. I was curious about her and I wanted to find out why.

“Have I met you before?” I asked flipping the women in my mind. Nope.

“I don’t think so. I would remember you if I did.”

“I guess it would be hard to forget the star football player. If you slept with me that is.”

“Oh you’re the star football player?”

“Heard of me then haven’t you?”

“No not really. Just the way you sounded it seems that I should I guess.”

“Oh.” That was a set down.


“No no that’s fine. My name’s Dave O’Brien by the way what’s yours?”

“Right sorry I guess I should have given you my name before. Coral Reeds.”

“Nice to met you.”

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