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Hello readers!! I just want to share this very first-rate story to each and everyone of you! ^_____^ Realistically, this is Ate Kim's story. I found out that this story is not yet uploaded here in wattpad, so I decided to upload it and let you read this. J I hope that you’ll like this piece! 

 ENJOY !!!!

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Everyone loves him. He’s funny, witty, good-looking and charming. He’s everything a girl wants for a boy. When he speaks, it’s like humor and sense combined. Mapapaupo ka talaga and mapapakinig sa kanya. Hindi rin naman daw siya playboy. He’s not like that. And he goes to school sa harap ng school namin. That’s Rhys. Rhys Romualdez.

I’m his total opposite. I’m not a stunner. I’m shy. I don’t like talking to people much. If my friends are out there partying on a Saturday night, I’m on my four-corner room studying my lessons or just blogging. I’m really weird..and geeky. And worse is, I’m not good at talking to the opposite sex. It really annoys me. I don’t know how to act around a guy, I just wanna stay quiet. Maybe because all my life, I studied at an all-girl school. And wala ring nanliligaw sakin. Kahit ako wala rin namang planong magkaboyfriend kung hindi lang naman si Rhys. And that’s a dream that will never materialize for me. 

So Rhys, can I fall for you? 


It was raining hard and I was standing at the waiting shed sa harap ng school gate namin. And as usual, nagbabasa na naman ako ng libro or some kind of loooong novels na ayaw na ayaw basahin ng iba dahil “nakakatamad” raw. So yeah, I’m weird and…geeky.

Nabigla ako ng marinig kong nasa harap ng waiting shed namin si Rhys at ang grupo niya.

“Girl, andun si Rhys o. He’s sooo gwapo.” A 4th year student whispered kaya naman napatingin ako sandali sa tinuro niyang direksyon.

And there they are. Rhys was like may hinihintay sa kabilang shed at parang may hinahanap siya sa waiting shed namin. Prolly, some gorgeous girls from our school. It couldn’t be me. Yeah, dream on Yana.

Oh, before I start blabbing about my life, I’m Juliana Antonio, fondly called Yana. I’m a 4th year student studying at Lourdes College (an exlcusive school for girls) and I AM NOT A LESBIAN OR A TOMBOY. Get it?

Then suddenly, napatayo ako ng straight when Rhys and company crossed the street papunta sa waiting shed namin. Everyone started giggling and I’m sure, each of them, rather us, is wishing na sana “ako ang lalapitan ni Rhys”. T_T Funny, pero ganyan kalakas ang tama namin sa kanya. As what I’ve said, he’s everything a girl wants for a boy.. and you wouldn’t ask for more.

How I wanted to stay and observe him at a closer look, pero dumating na ang sundo ko and I had to go. Bigla naman akong kinilabit ni Vincent sa gilid.