1 - Go to sleep!

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Dean: Sam

Dean: Sam

Dean: Sam!

Dean: SAM

Dean: SAM!!


Sam: WHAT!?!?

Dean: Are you awake?

Sam: I am now! What do you want?

Dean: I can't get to sleep.

Sam: Well turn your phone off then! And have a hot chocolate!

Dean: okay

-{10 minutest later}-

Dean: Sam

Dean: Sam

Dean: Sam

Sam: What now?

Dean: I still can't sleep.

Sam: Then take some Nytol

Dean: you know that they make me feel icky

Sam: just try it anyway

Dean: it hasn't worked

Sam: you need to wait awhile and close your eyes. BLINKING DOESN'T COUNT!

Dean: still not working

Sam: LONGER THAN THIRTY SECONDS! And turn your phone off, it helps.

Dean: but I don't want toooOOooo

Sam: Well leave me alone!

Sam: I need to sleep!

Dean: if I can't sleep then neither can you.

Sam: that's not how it works

Dean: yes it is

Sam: NO, it isn't

Dean: is

Sam: isn't

Dean: is

Sam: you know what, I'm not getting into this argument with you. Now GO TO SLEEP!

Dean: but I caaaaan't

Dean: Sam

Dean: Sam

Dean: Saaaaaam!

Dean: Sammy!

[Are you sure you want to block 'Dean'?]

-[yes]- [no]

[Sam has blocked 'Dean']

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