Q/A: Iblees or Tehreem

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this is not a bonus chapter or the chunks of story or anything it is the explanation of the question asked by @maha997_  . But that doesn't make it ONLY for her its for allll of you :* maybe this same thing was there in your mind as well but you didnt ask.... so here it is the reason why Tehreem was being called as iblees by Hussain in Towards Dawn.

and yeah on a very important note, let me confess that I am totally ignorant and I have seriously no knowledge of my faith and my deen, am only a learner myself no scholar no learned person at all. so if you find any error in the text below please forgive me and DO correct me.

Love you all :*

Why Hussain called Tehreem as Iblees?

Do you know the story of Adam and iblees? Who was iblees who was Adm?What was that special in their story that after thousands of years even today we can relate it to ourselves? What was the universality in their story?

I know most of us already know the story but how did it relate to Tehreem and Hussain's story?

Iblees wasn't iblees, he was Azaazeel; the most beloved, most ardent and most dedicated angel of Allah (SWT). He was the one who spent his days and nights in His worship only, he was the one who was loved the most by Allah (SWT) and then all of a sudden... PUFF!!!! All the love gone. Respect lost. That highest rank that rutbah that Allah had given to Azaazeel was snatched and Azaazeel became iblees forever.

After thousand years of pure love and worship Azaazeel became the head of all the angels, the superior one the closest to Allah (SWT) and then one day Allah decided to expand His creatures, He decided to create (MAN) Adam (AS) and He did as we all know when Allah decides anything He only says kun fayakun and there its is... already happened.

So after creating Adam (AS) Allah (SWT) called all His angels and introduced Adam to them as the most superior being, giving him the highest rank in his worshipers Allah informed all the angels that you all have been worshiping me for ages but this.... This man,he will do ibadah on earth, will stand in ibadah for just one night sacrificing his sleep and that worship will be far accepted, that will be closest to Me.

That just burnt Azaazeel.

Well, just imagine you being the closest of your Mom, the beloved the apple the cherry of her eyes and suddenly all of a sudden out of nowhere she informs you that hay! Meet her,she is the new girl and she is now my favorite daughter, my best friend and i know already that her love for me is going to be far special than all the love in your heart.

BAM!!!! It will hurt you and the karela on the top your Mom asks you to treat her as your superior and to give her the best toys you have, or worst the best dress you have.... God! That will upset you to the core.

You will cry, you will shout, you wont accept that and you wont talk to your Mom and so did Azaazeel.

And then to his top most pain Allah (SWT) asked all the angels to do sajdah, to prostrate in front of Adam (AS). All the angels did so but again Azaazeel went totally nuts.

Azaazeel was like; this Adam! Hs is a man, made of mud and dust and look at me! I am the most special angel, I am Azaazeel the angel in all the angels Allah loves ME the most, I am made of ethereal light and this man! Adam nothing but dust.... Doing sajdah to him would be a total shame.


Just a NO, just one refusal and Azaazeel became iblees

It wasn't only because he refused, it was because the REASON why he refused. And the reason was PRIDE.

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