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Niall woke up early the next morning and slowly climbed out of Ashton's bed and left the room. He walked down to his dads' bedroom and opened the door. He decided to wake up his daddy because his papa was extremely hard to wake up so he went over to Harry's side of the bed and climbed up before softly tugging on his curls.

"Mmm Lou, round two already? Last night was wild enough." Niall of course couldn't tell what he was saying but he noticed that he was talking in his sleep and he found it funny so he let out a small giggle. Harry's eyes shot open and widened at the site of one of their twins sitting there.

"NIALL!" He shouted as he fell out of bed, successfully waking Louis as well.

"Daddy you're naked!" Niall signed as he giggled and pulled the covers off of Louis as well. "So are you Papa! Did you just take a shower?" They both quickly rushed to get dressed. Sometimes Harry or Louis would take a shower with the boys so that's the only time they ever saw them naked.

"Um, yeah we just took a shower."

"Is that why the sheets are wet?" Both Harry and Louis' eyes widened and Harry picked Niall up and carried him out of the room.

"How about some breakfast?...after we wash your hands."

"Why? I didn't touch anything dirty."

"Um....just as a precaution. Did you need a nappy change love?" Niall nodded as he scrubbed his hands with soap underneath the hot water. Harry helped him dry his hands then grabbed a clean nappy before laying Niall down on the floor. "Don't you want to learn to use the potty?" Harry tried but Niall just shook his head no. Harry sighed and decided not to push it, Niall was so smart,it wasn't like he couldn't be potty trained, he just wouldn't. "Alright then well why don't you go wake up Ashton and I'll start breakfast." Niall nodded and squirmed in Harry's arms until he was put down then ran back off to his and Ashton's room.

Niall went over to Ashton's bed and giggled before sticking his finger straight up Ashton's nose. Ashton batted his hand away and sneezed which caused him to wake up. He grumpily looked around to see who did it.

"Why do it?"

"Funny." Niall said, trying to keep his answers short and simple since Ashton didn't understand much. "Dad. Downstairs. Breakfast." Ashton just looked at Niall in confusion. Niall sighed and just stuck his hand out for Ashton to grab. He then led them downstairs and pointed at Harry who was making omelettes. Louis came down the stairs seconds later and picked both boys up. He kissed both their cheeks before going to sit down with them on the couch.

"Hey Haz, can we talk when you're done?"

"Sure, about what?"

"Um, you'll see. It's kind of important though." Harry noticed his serious expression and turned off the stove before going over and putting on cartoons with the subtitles.

"Ni love I know you don't like subtitles but Papa and I need to go talk about something so can you please sit here with Ash for a little bit and watch the telly?" Niall nodded and Harry smiled and kissed his forehead before leading Louis into the kitchen seeing as Ashton was already engrossed in the telly.

"What's going on Lou? Did I do something wrong?"

", I was cleaning up from last night and I, uh, I noticed that the condom was broken." Harry's eyes widened and he put his head in his hands.

"No no no no. This can't be happening. We agreed to stop at two. Louis we can't handle another one. We're just barely living comfortably now."

"Hey relax love. Nothing is for sure yet yeah? The boys have a check up in two weeks, you can ask Zoe for a pregnancy test then. For now don't stress okay babe?" Harry just nodded but he knew he was already stressing out.

So Harry might be pregnant again....

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