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The moment I knew I was awake, I could feel the tender rays of the sun falling on the railing of my veranda through the cream colored chiffon curtain. Mornings in New York City have always been my favorite part of the day. When the birds fly back to quieter places which I think they rarely find, when the streets and the lives of the people are back to being busy than they were the day before. It is yet another morning for everyone else residing in this city. But not for me. Today for me, is not just 'yet another day'.

Today is the day I've been waiting for what seems like forever now. And before opening up my eyelids, I silently make myself a promise that I will not give anyone the authority of ruining my day, that I will make the most of what today gives me.

The ringer of my alarm goes off signifying the time to be 5.30 am. I roll over to the other side of my Queen Sized Bed and shut the alarm in my iPhone 6. Sliding the blanket off me, I make my way to the luxurious bathroom of my Pent House. Staring through the mirror is a pair of my faded blue eyes that has seen the twenty two year long journey of my life. My hair has always been blonde. Naturally it had curls but I like it straight and long.

After carrying out my usual morning bathroom tasks, I change into a pair of jeans shorts and a 1989 Taylor Swift tank top. Suddenly, Sherlock's soundtrack roars through my phone and I typically enjoy the ringtone. Walking to the other side of the room, I pick up my phone to see the beautiful face of my best girl friend, Marie, but the called is missed before I could receive it. Followed by a text message.

Alison, I'm reaching over in 10. M xx

Walking out of my room and down the stairs into the living room, I see a young face sleeping comfortably on the couch with a quilt covered up to his shoulders. When did he get here, I think as I pour myself a hot caffeinated coffee. Not that I am sleepy now.

"You're up?" I hear my brother mumble. The sound of the pouring coffee must have woken him up.

"Yeah. When did you get here?" I voice my thoughts.

"Two hours ago," he gives a low reply, "After dropping the boys home."

I walk over and sit on the opposite velvet couch. Although I knew what he must have done, I still asked, "What did you do for the other two hours?"

"You know it, we drove." And with this, he readjusted himself and dozed off again.

Sometimes I get jealous of how fast he can go to sleep. Even after working the whole day and being exhausted, I have difficulty in sleeping. My thoughts travel back to the conversations I had and the people I met to the better things I could have said and the better food I could have ordered. I think pointlessly of the scenarios that could never happen. And also other things.

Looking at Austin, I think of how my life was at seventeen. Nobody to care for other than a small family and a best friend. I could do whatever I wanted to without it being a huge deal to the world. I used to have those literal 'Netflix and Chill' nights with Marie. We still do it sometimes but it's not the same. I smile almost sadly thinking the words I heard long ago.

Sighing, I walk up to the kitchen and place the cup in the sink. I adjust the air conditioning to cool and close the curtains so as to block the rays entering the room. I place a light kiss on the side of Austin's head and walk over to the front porch. Putting a pair of white Vans, I grab my Vogue shades and secure them on my head. Checking the keys and my iPhone, I step out of my Pent House and lock the door from the outside. A minute later, I see a Range Rover stop in front of me. The moment I get inside, Marie throws herself at me in a bone crushing hug. Smiling, I adjust myself on the passenger seat and turn on the radio. Blank Space roars through the speakers as we sing along, all ready for today. In the back of my mind, I could still hear the words.

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