There was a total eclipse in the night sky

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There was a total eclipse in the night sky. All was pitch black in the Telmarine castle, which intimidated the village below. Except one room, up in the tallest tower. There was a piercing scream disturbing the night, as Prunaprismia gives birth. In the relief of it all being over, she laid back on her king sized bed, with the nurses still surrounding her. On the other side of the castle, General Glozelle was handing the message of the birth to Miraz.

"Congratulations my lord." Glozelle said, waiting for his orders.

" The heavens have blessed us...." Miraz wittered as he swiftly turned his head towards the general.

" You know the orders..." Miraz fumbled as he continued to look out of the window into the starry night.

The General nodded hesitantly, knowing that the orders were risky- but he would not fail Miraz. Glozelle then marched out of the room, calling to his soldiers to prepare.


A dark hooded figure walked down the arched corridor into the bedroom. He quickly placed his hand over Caspian's. In fright, Caspian jumped but settled down after realising the man was his professor.

"5 more minutes" Caspian murmured, rolling over in his bed.

"You won't be watching the stars tonight, my prince " Cornelius began shakily.
"Come on we must hurry and wake up your sister!!!" He carried on, taking Caspian's shoulder and pulling him out of bed. Both of them, shook Rose out of her slumber as she too wakes up in a fright.

" What is going on professor?" Rose says taken aback as she clambers out of bed and follows the professor and her brother.

" Your aunt,  has given birth to a son!!"  Cornelius exclaimed as he dragged the both of them to the wardrobe where a hidden passage was to the stables.
Professor Cornelius had been preparing both of them for this, as a son being born to their uncle, would mean another heir to the throne- and their lives would be in terrible danger. Rose was trying to take a second glimpse at the bedroom they were leaving, as she knew she would never see it again. Then, she saw the shadows at the bottom of the door meaning the soldiers had arrived, so she carefully pulled the wardrobe door to, just so she could watch the upcoming event. All that was heard were footsteps of the soldiers, surrounding both beds. Arrows shot through the beds like lightening, oblivious that nothing was there. Feathers were floating down slowly, as Glozelle and the other soldiers looked around in suspicion on why they were not there. Rose was horrified, as she nearly faced death a few minutes ago if she had not been awoken.

All three rush down the stairwell into the stable after seeing the horrible event. Rose had tears streaming down her face. That could've been her or Caspian- she thought- as they got to Destrier, Caspian's trusty steed and he was already waiting by the armour and swords.

" Here Caspian here is the armour and your sword, head towards the dark forest, you will find hope there..." Cornelius advised, but before Caspian could reply, he turned to Rose who was now crying.

"And for you, young one, this horn, it has taken me many years to find this, do not use it , only at your greatest need." He said wisely as he gave the peculiar looking object to her. It was very ancient so Rose carefully took it, and held onto to it for dear life.

With the help of the Professor, they both got on the black horse and awaited the call to go.

" Will I ever see you again?" Rose exclaimed, looking hopeful. Professor Cornelius was like a Dad to her after all.

" I dearly hope so my princess, there is so much I was meant to tell you, everything you know is about to change" Cornelius tittered, looking sad.

At that, they could  hear shouts and belches across the castle, and off Destrier went, galloping across the courtyard. Two soldiers had been desperately trying to find them, and at the sight of the racing horse, they held their javelins in a cross. Caspian grabbed one and fought off any obstacles as they shot through the closing gate, across the bridge and into the open land. Fireworks went off, in the celebration for Miraz and Prunaprismia, which afterwards left silence until Rose and Caspian heard the shouts and bellowing of the soldiers behind them, chasing them like cat vs. mouse. They came across a river, glistening by the moon reappearing, carefully as any sudden movement with the horse, they could tumble over into the fast river. Rose watched as the Telmarines behind them struggled and fell into the flowing river. Some only remained. At this, she held onto Caspian tighter, hoping everything would be over soon.

As they entered the dark forest, she remembered the stories of extinct narnians living here. Of the centaurs, the dwarves, the fairies- all of it. It only reminded her of the Professor though, so she shook off the thought, and wiped her tears. They continued to venture deeper and deeper into the forest, and yells of demand faded behind them.

" I think we lost them for now... Are you okay? " Caspian asked behind him to Rose, as Destrier slowed to a casual pace.

" I think so- you? She mumbled, holding onto Caspian from behind tighter. Despite fights and fall-outs, she truly did love her brother.

" I've been better " He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

" Casp-" Rose started but an arrow came out of nowhere and hit Destrier on his back leg, sending Rose flying off. She landed with a yelp of pain, causing the soldiers behind to surround her. She had landed with such a thud, that she couldn't get up, as much as she tried.

" ROSE! " Caspian yelled in the background, getting off an injured Destrier and drawing his sword. " You get away from her! " He continued.

Caspian was fighting two of them strongly, but there were still three trying to take Rose. It was 5 against 1. One of the men he was fighting had fallen, but one would not give up. However before the solider got even close to Caspian, with a sudden cry, he fell to reveal a short man, with long blonde hair and a beard.

" You-re a- " Caspian was so stunned, he wasn't aware of soldiers behind him, hitting him in the head. He fell to the muddy ground, dizzy as ever and everything seemed to go round and round.

A horn was blown loudly and everyone turned to see Rose again on the floor, blowing the horn that the Professor gave her. She wasn't sure what would happen, but it was her only chance, before Caspian blacked out and she was taken away from him.

" He's dead, we'll say he's dead " The soldiers agreed, leaving Caspian there and smirking at Rose. Along with her, they had also captured the short man that Rose now identified as a Narnian Dwarf, after seeing his dagger.

" Caspian! " Rose yelled at him, crying uncontrollably as she was thrown over the horse. The solider punched her in the gut, so she would not speak.

At her last vision of Caspian, Rose threw the horn as far as she could so it landed next to him before a large piece of old cloth was thrown over her.

" I hope to see you again " She spoke into darkness, before closing her eyes- hoping this nightmare would end quickly.

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