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I slammed the door to my locker to see her.

"Is that any way to treat someone trying to talk to you?"

"Funny thing is, I never said I wanted to talk to you."

I throw my backpack on my shoulder and began to walk away until my butt hits the ground. People around me started laughing like they always do and I reached for my backpack when someone grabbed it.

"Leave her alone Jessica. Don't you have something better to do?" Colin says.

They start to argue with each other and I slide on the floor away from them and get up.

I remembered that he picked up my backpack but noticed that he placed it on the floor behind him while they're arguing.

I slowly pick it up and tip toe around the corner and speed walk to get to class a different way. Sadly, it doesn't work when I land on my butt.


He chuckles before helping me up.

"Hope, we really have to stop meeting like this."

I roll my eyes and pull the strap of my bag closer on my shoulder.

"Thanks, Colin, now I need to get to class."

He moves aside and I continue walking until someone held onto my arm and pulled me back.

Why can't I just get into the classroom?

I get their hand off me and turn around, looking at Colin. "Is there something that you needed?"

He nods his head and I give him the are you going to look all day or say something.

"You want to go somewhere?"

I look at him like he's said the most stupid thing on Earth. Right now...it really feels like it is.

"Of course I want to go somewhere, why would anyone want to stay in this hell hole all day?" He grins like he has thought of the best idea and my eyebrows raised.

"Let's go. Let's just skip school. You look like you need a break anyway." I look around at the students heading to class and the ones who think watching Mr. Popular talk to me is more important than their education.

"Where are we possibly going to go right now?"

He grabs my hand and for a moment I feel something before shrugging the feeling off. "I got just the spot but you can't know until we get there."

As long as it's not my house, I'm good.

He drags us to his nice brand new car and looks at me like he forgot something. "Did you leave something," I ask.

"No, but don't you have a car or bike? We can't leave it here." I laugh at his worry before realizing that he's serious.

"I, um...walked here this morning."

His eyes widen and he jaw looks like it really wants to hit the ground but it doesn't. "You walked! At 5 in the morning!! What if someone got you or weather got bad or...I don't know but why would you walk!?!"

I shrug, "It's not that far from my house and I wanted to clear my mind. What's the big deal?"

He shakes his head in disagreement and pulls open my door before going to the other side and sliding in. He looks both ways and backs out and soon we're on the road.

A stoplight comes up and he stops and I look out the window, trying not to think about my mom.

"What's the big deal... Everything is. Ugh." Colin mutters and I turn towards him.

"You do know I can hear you right?"

He looks at me and then back on the road.

We keep driving in silence and I stare at his radio. Thinking he probably doesn't want it on, I look back out the window.

"You can turn it on."

I smile and press the button and turn it to 101.5. Stitches by Shawn Mendes came on and I settled back into my seat.

I tap my foot quietly to the music and saw him bob his head a little.

"You watch me bleed until I can't breathe, shaking, falling to my knees. And now that I'm without your kisses, I'll be needing stitches..."

"You can sing. Why don't you share your talent?" He says cutting off my low singing.

"Maybe because I sound like a dying cat."

He looks at me shocked and looks back on the road.

"That's just crazy. You have one of the most beautiful voices that I have ever heard and if you don't realize that then that's sad. You shouldn't let people tear you down and tear you apart. You a strong person Hope. You just don't see it."

My cheeks heat up and I pull my hair in my face so he doesn't see it and decided to hum the rest of the song.

When we finally get to where we're going, I'm speechless. "Wow...how'd you find out about this place. It's...well it's beautiful."

He grins and I find myself grinning too.

"Well, I'm glad you like it. My older sister found this place when she was exploring like she loves to do. I just go here when I want to think or clear my mind."

I walk closer to him and tap his head. He looks at me confused.

"There's a brain in there and if there is, I thought it was already gone", I tease.

"Ha, Ha, I almost forgot to laugh."

I smile all innocent like and we walk forward to seat down. It's a field of the most pretty flowers I've ever seen and a huge view of the sky. We land down on the ground and I try not to smash any of the flowers.

Colin lays close next to me that our arms are brushing against each other and his warmth feels good.

This is exactly what I needed.

An escape from the hell I was buried in. Whether I want to admit or not, Colin has been a huge part of digging me out of that hole, little by little and I'm grateful for that.

I smile and continue watching clouds float by.

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