Ch. 14 Who am I?

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Lennox and Liam move my things into Lennox's house. Apparently, I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy so I watch from the driveway. I see Marta coming up the road and pull in, I smile when I see her.
She climbs out and stalks towards me. "Why didn't you tell me you were moving out?" She snorts. "You tell me everything else." She teases about last night.
"You weren't home." I point out.
Her eyes narrow on my neck and she lifts my hair gasping. "He claimed you? Did he ask you?" She questions quickly.
"I knew it was coming, yeah." I reply, covering it back up with my hair.
She nods. "That's good, but I think dad's freaking out."
"Really? Why?" I ask.
"I guess because we got home and you had packed your things. I don't think he's ready to see us grow up. Mom even cried."
"I'm like two minutes from home." I point out just as Lennox and Liam come out of the house. I feel my stomach erupt in butterflies. Lennox is looking surly as usual but instead of making me nervous it makes me smile. I like thinking that his smiles and laughs are saved for me.
"You should go talk to them." Marta replies.
"Yeah, you're right."
"What's going on?" Lennox asks.
"My parents aren't taking me moving out too well. My mom started crying." I explain.
"If they have an issue with it they can come here and talk to me about it." He replies, dismissively. "Time for lunch." He says, taking my hand.
I tug at my hand. "Why doesn't my family come over for dinner that way we can talk?" I ask.
He nods his consent and I turn to Marta. "Six tonight?"
It doesn't look my like my dad can wait, I watch him drive up with my mom in the passenger seat. Lennox looks patient but I'm still worried because I feel his irritation.
It feels awkward all of a sudden. Lately, my parents have been acting so strangely. Especially, my dad. I just can't fathom him actually missing me for some reason.
"Alpha Hall, if we could have a moment of your time?" Dad asks, gets out of the car.
"What is it?"
"We haven't been honest." He answers straightforward.
"Jocelyn and Marta aren't twins." Dad responds, quietly. I feel the air sucked out of my lungs. What is he talking about?
"I don't find that shocking. What else?" Lennox asks, calmly.
"She's not our daughter."
"Again, I don't find that to be a revelation. Why are you telling me this now?" He questions, I can hear the bite in his voice.
I feel lightheaded. They aren't my parents, I'm not a twin. Lennox's arms wrap around my waist and he carries me inside. He caresses my back. "Breathe." I do as he says, my lungs starved of oxygen.
Lennox sits on his white sofa with me on his lap. "Tell me everything." Lennox orders. He must be talking to my parents.
"Alpha Chris Rhys, before he stepped down to his son, Brett, took Jocelyn from the Griffin Wolf Pack. He took her as retribution. Jocelyn's mom was supposed to be claimed by him the day of the challenge but a month before the challenge she ran off. She met and fell in love with Alpha Travis Griffin, they mated. Rhys found out about it and paid to have Jocelyn taken. He brought her to us when we were still in the hospital. He demanded that we tell everyone they were twins or he'd kill us all. That's one of the reasons we decided to leave so quickly when Alpha Brett Rhys left for those two months. If we were away from him, we could tell her who she really was and she'd have the option to go home."
"What happened when you went home to see your sister?"
"I told Alpha Rhys that he could have her and that I didn't tell her what his father did. That night, my sister left and the Griffin pack took her in."
"Why didn't she come here?"
"She knew it would start problems." He pauses then continues reluctantly. "She's also there to tell them where Jocelyn is, if you refuse."
I sit listening, feeling my tears fall. I missed out on my real family for almost eighteen years. Did they miss me?

Alpha Lennox Hall

I'm not surprised these people aren't her parents; she doesn't look anything like them. I am surprised at who her real parents are. I have met them before. I was even considering mating with one of Griffin's daughters. However, unlike Jocelyn, they're chatty and annoying. They're nice girls, very beautiful, but never held my interest. I declined the offer offending Griffin slightly. In the end, I think he saw the differences between me and his daughters and understood.
I'll have to contact him and tell him what I know. I don't want him finding out from Theo Robinson's sister. The question still remains. "Why didn't you just take her home? Why did you bring her here?"
"Protection. I couldn't guarantee Alpha Griffin wouldn't hurt us for keeping her away from him. You and Alpha Griffin have the two most powerful packs, in numbers and in wealth."
"You think I'd protect you from him?" I question his stupidity.
"If you hurt us, you hurt your mate." He states.
"I think you overestimate her love for you." I get satisfaction from his paling face. I want nothing more than to rip him to shreds. What kind of animal doesn't do the right thing until eighteen years later? I detest weakness. This man and his wolf are weak.
"Liam, bring me the phone." I order. A minute later, after staring holes in the wimp of a wolf in front of me, Liam hands me the phone. I see he's all ready put the number in so I hit send.
"Alpha Griffin." I hear him answer.
"It's Lennox. I've changed my mind about mating one of your daughters."
"Happy to hear it." He responds, merrily.
"As a matter of fact, I've already mated her. I have Jocelyn." I state, playing with her hair.
Theres a slight pause. "Explain." He demands, his voice breathless.
I tell him about the Robinsons' role in Alpha Chris Rhys' plot for revenge. He listens quietly, not saying a word. "I'm assuming you'd like to see her?" I ask.
"Yes." He replies, gruffly.
"We'll fly out tomorrow." I reply. "What do you want done with Theo Robinson?"
He sighs deeply. "I want to kill him for not coming forward." He growls. "Did he take care of her?"
"As far as I can tell." I reply.
"Can I talk to her?" He asks, nervously.
I look down seeing her body shaking slightly from her quiet sobs. "Babe, would you like to speak to your father?" She brushes at her wet cheeks but nods yes. I hand her the phone.
"Hi." She answers, crying loudly.
"Oh, my God, sweetheart. I'm so, sorry. I didn't protect you." I hear him say, causing her to cry harder. I'm about to end the conversation when she responds.
"It's not your fault. I can't wait to meet you." She hiccups and plays with the collar of my shirt.
"I can't wait to meet you either. The whole family will be waiting to see you. Your mother and I mourned losing you, you have never been forgotten. I've thought about you every day." He says, brokenly.
Jocelyn buries her head in my chest and I take the phone. "I think she's had enough. We'll fly out early and be at your place around ten."
"We'll be waiting. You better be comforting her." He states.
I grin. "I barely let her leave my arms." I reply.
"I don't need to hear that." He retorts, uncomfortably. "Thank you for bringing her."
"Not a problem. See you tomorrow." I end the call and put the phone on the sofa, holding Jocelyn tightly in my arms.
"Get out of my house until I decide what to do with you." I order, Theo. He leaves visibly shaking with his family following behind him. I won't do anything to the man. It's up to Travis to decide what he wants done.

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