I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chapter 2

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Wazzup guys? I have officially finished chap 3 it took a long time 2 write so can u plz show appreciation n comment n tell me if I should contine cuz i'm writin 4 STORIES NOW!!! 4!!! 

ENJOY!!! XD =^.^=

I'm allergic to vampires! 

Chapter 3

The sun beat down on face through the thin curtains. I need to get thicker curtains I thought.  

"Uh...Sal- Skyler are you ok?" a heard a familiar voice say. I nodded my head slowly, opening my eyes to my purple and black themed room. "I took care of my brother he's been taken back to the alyssum."  

"Rayas? Why are you here?" I asked, I looked at his face, it looked as if he'd been....crying? 

"You passed out when my brother grabbed you by the wrists." I pulled back my jacket sleeve. They were a bright red. "Man I was worried but luckily Riley came and took you and I back to your house." 

"He was ok with you being all-" 

"Yeah it surprised me too. He said it wasn't my fault that I'd been tainted with bastard blood." 

"He said that?" I asked in disbelief. 

"Yeah, it's ok though I know what he's coming from. My mother...it was hard on her taking care of me all alone. My dad was killed by a vampire hunter when I was very young." 

"I'm sorry. I....." I couldn't finish my sentence. I had always thought it'd be easier being a vampire or a normal human, not a vampire hunter's daughter.  

"I what?" He asked. I looked around the room. 

"Did you meet my parents yet?" I asked, trying to switch topics. 

"Yeah, charming those two." He said. "Their very polite compared to what I've been told. They were actually quite interested about my being, especially when I came in the door with you in my arms." 

"Were you crying?" I asked. His eyes widened and dashed out of the room. "Rayas?" I called after him, he came back in just as suddenly as he left. "No I wasn't crying." The corner of his mouth twitched when he said that. 

"Your lying." I said. 

"No I'm not." 

"Yes you are, admit it, why?" 

"I was worried about you."  

"Oh....I feel better now thanks to you. If you weren't there who knows what might have happened." An awkward silence passed. (a gay baby has just been born...if you believe in that kinda stuff) lol 

"Now what were you going to say?" A moment passed before I said anything. "I wish I was a vampire." He burst out laughing, he fell backwards off his chair and sprawled out, fits of laughter ripping through him. "You think *chuckle* it's easy to be one?" 

He said wiping the tears from his tears from his eyes. "I'm serious." I said.  

He looked at me with a piercing gaze. "Trust me you wouldn't want this. To have to face bloodlust everyday, it's not just something you can ignore sooner and later you'll give in. Why would you want this?" He asked his gaze still lingering on my face.  

"It just seemed easier because I wouldn't have to worry about my allergy or being one of the most powerful vampire hunters ever. I don't want to hurt anyone, I've never have, I'd rather be a normal human or vampire. Why couldn't I have been one of them?" Tears streaked my cheeks but I did not sob. I wasn't weak and I sure as hell wasn't going to show any weakness around Rayas. 

"If it makes you feel better I wish I was like you." He paused. I gave him a questioning look. "Gifted at birth, born into a rich family it seems like an easy life. I had to make my way in the world. After my father died me and my mother lived in poverty for years until I got into the royal family's guard. You don't seem to understand how hard it is to be a vampire, even part of one. It's a gruesome life." 

"How so? You guys practically own everything now that you were discovered and ordered a mass turning to save your sorry butts." 

"That's because vampire hunters killed most of our kind." 

"I still don't understand you guys can walk in sunlight, don't have working organs, incredibly strong and fast what more could you want?" 

"Blood that's the problem. Say you're really thirsty and you want a drink but you're only allowed one sip from the water bottle how would you feel?" 

"I'd want more." 

"Exactly that's how we feel, we always want more. I could be a lot worse, I'm lucky I didn't inherit my grandfather's thirst or I'd be drinking you." 


"You see we try not to hurt anyone but we can't help it. We are built to kill. You," He took my hand and rubbed it with his thumb. "are not. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone." His eyes shifted out of focus and turned a darker blue. "Are you ok?" I asked. He seemed dazed, keen on all senses except hearing me. He sat still and quiet as if listening to something, fighting a battle within himself. 

"Rayas?" Within half a second he had my wrist to his lips.



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