"Kevin!" I Called As I Stepped Into My House.

I Heard Rustling Coming From Upstairs. So I Assumed It Was Kevin Cause Their Was No Car In The Lot Indicating That Someone Is Here.

"Kevin I Seen Your Car... Where You At Kev?" I Called Again.

I Swear He Be Hiding From Me.

The Next Few Seconds I Saw Janiq Coming Down The Stairs. What The Fuck Was She Doing Here. She Was Suppose To Do All This While I'm Not Here.

"Gem I Didnt Know You Were Coming This Early" She Said As She Came Downstairs With Some Suit Cases.

"You Mean You Thought I'd Be Locked Up" I Said. " Kevin!" I Yelled Again.

"He's In The Back In The Garden" She Told Me.

I Didnt Say Anything I Just Made My Way To The Back To The Garden.

Once I Reached Their I Seen Kevin Tending The Dandelions. Kevin Is One Of My Most Loyal Workers And For His Loyalty And Love For Flowers And Gardening I Gave Him A Garden.

"Morning Kevin" I Said As I Approached Him.

"Morning Gem" He Said.

"Kevin You Busy?" I Asked Him.

"Never To Busy To Assist You Gem" He Said.

I Smirked. "Good To Know" I Said.

"What Is Needed?" He Asked.

"Oh I Just Need You To Go Down To JJs And Pick Up My Car Please" I Told Him. "With O.P... He'll Drop You Off" I Added.

"No Problem" He Said Leaving The Garden As I Followed Behind.

I Seen A Taxi Parked Infront Of My House My Guess Is That Its For Janiq. She Was Still Upstairs Packing And I Didnt Want To Go Upstairs Yet Till She Lefted So I Went Into The Kitchen And Opened Up A Bottle.

About Half And Hour Later She Came Down With The Last Of Her Things.

"Gem" She Said.

"Leave The House Keys On The Front Door Table" I Told Her.

"We Need To Talk" She Said.

"About What? Janiq Theres Nothing To Talk About" I Said Downing A Glass Of Vodka.

"You Didnt Let Me Explain Why..." She Said.

"I Dont Care Why" I Said.

"Gem You Didnt Love Me The Way I Wanted To Be Loved... You Didnt Love Me At All" She Said.

"And You Got That Notion How?" I Asked Taking In Another Glass.

"When I Called You The Other Day... I Heard You Talking To Chloe And You Said Things And They Were True" She Said. "Gem You Might Like Me But You Didnt Love Me" She Added.

She Was Right I Didnt Love Her. I Guess I Didnt Love Her Like She Wanted To Be Loved.

"And JJ Loves Me Gem... He Does" She Said.

"Then Why You Didnt Just Tell Me... We Couldve Broken Up And Then You Couldve Went On With Your JJ" I Said Taking In Another Glass Full Of Vodka Down.

"Your Right Im Sorry Gem... And I Hope We Can One Day Get Pass This And Maybe If You Want Stay Friends..." She Said.

"Mhmmm" I Said.

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