Chapter 38

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(Gemini Pov)

Next Morning I Got Up And Had A Huge Headache From The Bomb My Mom Dropped Last Night.

I Managed To Get Up And Get Ready To Finally Head Home I Need A Change Of Cloths And I Gotta Go Clear My Mind Somewhere And Talk To Somebody And Then Get My Car...

"Good Morning" I Quietly Said.

Ofcourse My Mom Was Up Early Before Everybody Cooking Breakfast For Everybody... I Was Hoping Not To See Her But I Knew I Would Have To...

I Am Upset A Little At The Fact That My Mom Out Of All People Kept This Secret From Me. Her Son.

"Morning Baby" My Momma Said.

"Ma Ima Borrow One Of Your Cars And Your Driver" I Said As I Grabbed A Piece Of Bacon And A Banana.

"Driver?" She Asked.

"Yeah Driver So When I Get My Car Your Driver Can Bring Your Car Back..." I Said.

"You Ok Hun?" She Asked Me.

"Still Mad At The Fact You Didnt Tell Me" I Said. "But You My Mom And I Love You So I Cant Stay Mad At You... Can I?" I Added.

"No You Cant Cause In Your Mom And You Love Me" She Said.

"Plus It Aint Your Fault... Its Tays" I Said Eating The Rest Of My Bacon.

"Now Gemini..." She Started To Say But Interrupted Her.

"Its Okay Ma... I Just Dont Want To See Her Again... Its Been 3 Years And A Few More Till Im 6 Feet Under Won't Hurt" I Told Her.

"Dont Say That" She Said. "Especially If You Dont Mean It" She Added.

"Well I Do Mean It" I Said Tearing Open My Banana.

"So You Gone Talk To Tay And See Them?" She Asked Me.

Really Did She Not Just Hear What I Say Like 4 Minutes Ago About Never Wanting To Talk To Tay...

Only If She Wasnt My Mother I Wouldve Said Hell Nawl. Why The Fuck Would I Want To? They Might... Not Even Might... They Are Not Even Mine. That's Probably The Reason Why She Never Told Me In The First Place.

"No" I Said. "Ma I Dont Want Nothing To Do With Tay Or Her Kids" I Added.

"Gem..." My Mom Started To Say But I Interrupted Her Again.

"Ma No" I Said. "Lets Leave This Subject Alone" I Suggested. "And Remember Im Taking Your Car" I Added.

"Boy Shut Up" She Said. "Dont Reck It" She Warned Me.

"Dont Worry.. I Wont" I Said Kissing Her Cheek.

"What No Breakfast?" She Asked.

"Nawl Ma Im Alright... Thanks" I Said As I Headed Out.


"I'll Be Right Back O.P" I Said To My Moms Driver.

"No Problem" He Said.

"Thanks By The Way" I Said Cause He Drove.

"No Problem Sir" He Said.

"Gem O.P Not Sir... Yall Know I Dont Like That Sir Thing" I Said.

"Sorry Si.... I Mean Gem" He Said.

"Alright" I Said. "Be Right Back" I Added.

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