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A game that started six years ago, a tragedy waiting to happen.

When young Delanie and her sister Chastity began the Secrets game they didn't expect Brooklee or Jayliana to join. Much less shy and conservative Perrie and her girlfriend Presly. While the game kept on for days that became months that turned to six years, counting points with each secret each of them uncovered, something changed. Brooklee goes missing after the day she sends Jayliana a message that she has stumbled on the wrong secret and the owner is coming after them. Freaked out, Jayliana admits that fact to the group, only to be laughed on. The next day, Jayliana is found crying and screaming, "I saw him! He was here!" She and the others all become unsettled as one after the other is waiting to be backstabbed. Paranoia is not far behind.

Can they stick together or is this the beginning of a new kind of game?

Main characters

Delanie Bartlett

Chastity Lee

Perrie Olsen

Presly Bonilla

Jayliana Cruz

Brooklee LeBlanc

Leeann Riva

Aaleiah Greenleigh

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