Chapter 16

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Once she was gone, Arielle tried once more to help Henry up. He roughly pushed her away made a pathetic attempt to stand on his own. His wounds had slowly started to heal but he would need blood to be able to fully heal quickly. Despite what the movies and books said, younger vampires had slower healing powers; as the vampire grew older the more their healing abilities grew, as did all their powers.

"I don't need your help," he spat.

Arielle glared at Henry. "Have you seen yourself?"

Henry only sneered and glanced anxiously after Selene. Arielle didn't blame him. Selene was a powerful woman and did not tolerate mistakes. However, Arielle had no pity for the young vampire. He screwed up because he was too stuck up to accept help from a human.

They waited for what it seemed like hours before the dark vampire returned.

"Did you get them?" Arielle asked once she stepped through the door.

Selene didn't answer, she brushed passed Arielle and headed straight for Henry. She held a calm fury. Her angry swirled dangerously around her body, waiting to strike down her victim...Henry. Selene's gold eyes burned furiously bright as she pinned him down with her gaze. Henry flinched back and lowered himself to the floor in submission. This was custom for any apprentice to do so when they made a mistake, a huge one at that. They all knew Henry was at Selene's mercy (a vampire famous for having none at that). Although Arielle knew he deserved it, she couldn't help but feel tense about what would happen. Would Selene do the same thing to Arielle that she would do to Henry if she messed up?

"You, Henry Zhang, have made a grave mistake. As I have warned you before, your arrogance blinds you from making rational decisions. Luckily I was able to track down two of the three rouges that got loose. But with that third one still loose who knows how many it'll warn? All the rouge bases we've tracked will be gone! I'll have to start from scratch now to track them all down again and it could take years to just do that! You've jeopardized the Kingdom and our Queen and for what?"

Henry wisely didn't answer. Arielle awkwardly stood off to the side, her eyes falling anywhere but on the two vampires. She felt like she was in the middle of a mother scolding her child.

"I'll tell you what," Selene spat. "Your ego. You saved your pride from being hurt but refusing help from Arielle and then attacking her while ignoring what we're truly here for. You let your childish nature get in the way of succeeding this mission. Because of this you'll no longer be my apprentice."

Henry's eyes winded in disbelief as he shot up from the ground.

"You can't do that! The Queen appointed me as your apprentice. I'm one of the best fighters in the Kingdom in over a century. Who else will be able to do what I do? To become the Assassin and survive? Surely not that stupid human!" Henry wailed.

Selene clicked her tongue before grabbing Henry by the throat. At this point Arielle truly didn't have any pity for him. He was a child throwing a tantrum. He had really put the Queen in danger. Just the thought of how many rouges could become a threat now made her skin crawl. The Kingdom has become her home and the people inside of it. She didn't like seeing it threatened.

"You will do as your told or I will not hesitate to rip your head from your shoulders," Selene hissed.

Henry looked down but said no more. Selene wordlessly threw picked up Arielle and ran back towards the Kingdom. She let Henry run slightly in front of her to keep an eye on him and keep him from running off. Arielle felt one of her hands on her blades in case that happened which in turn made Arielle freak out a little. She was clinging onto Selene for dear life and if the vampire so much as used both her hands to wield the blade Arielle wouldn't have the strength to hold on and then she'd be a goner.

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