Chapter 4 {Aphmau}

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Aphmau's POV
Celestia wakes me up in the morning by jumping on top of me in the middle of my beauty sleep. "Ugh... Celestia why do you do this to me?!?" I say only getting a bark back in return. I get up after five more minutes and go downstairs. My mom works for a famous clothing company in town so she tends to leave early in the mornings. I decide to grab a leash and take Celestia for a walk around town.
A little bit in our walk I see a boy wearing a mask that looks like a camera. Suddenly Celestia gets away from me and runs up to the boy, shoving him with enough force to knock him to the ground and starts licking his face. "No Celestia, get off of him!" I Shout "I'm so sorry about that she got away from me!" "It's okay." He says rubbing the back of his head and looking up at me.
"You aren't hurt right?" I ask "No I'm fine." Says the boy getting up and patting dirt off his shirt "That's good to hear I'm Aphmau by the way." I say smiling. He returns the smile "I'm Cory, nice to meet you."
After the scene Celeste made we join Cory for his walk and I find out he's the son of the bosses that own the clothing company my mom works for. We go and check out a new Cafe seeing one boy dragging another boy around. Soon after we part ways and say our goodbyes.
With plenty of time to still kill in the day I decide to just continue my walk. I see the same two boys I saw at the cafe talking to a girl with red hair and a boy with glasses while walking. "Why does Cory and those other four seem so familiar!" I say to myself looking down at Celestia. She just simply wags her tail at me.
I decided to walk back home before the realization struck me. I've seen all five of them in a dream before, except we were training and using powers. "No that's stupid." I mutter to myself "Where would we get powers from?".
Finally making it to my home I walk inside and flopping on my bed thinking about my dream. "Why were they in my dream though?" I ask myself looking at my windowsill. I walk over to it looking at the new box sitting on it labeled Aphmau. I open it reading the note inside:

Dear Aphmau, I have chosen you to be one of the six who posses an accessory that will grant you an ability. You have been given Fire. Please accept your role and travel north until you reach a house in the forest. This land needs you whether they know it or not.

I pick up the earrings examining them before hesitantly putting them on. The area around me illuminates with a red glow then fades away. "Wait if I have the power to control fire now that means my dream was real!" I exclaim. Celestia looks at me confused slightly tilting her head to one side. "I guess I should head out soon or the night will catch up with me before I reach this house." I say heading out my house and going north.
I make my way to the woods by the time it gets dark outside. I slow down my pace so I don't trip over a branch or rock and end up breaking my nose. About fifteen minutes of walking through the forest I hear voices and immediately hide behind a tree, peeking to the side trying to see who it is.
Focusing my vision I see the familiar face of Cory. He doesn't appear to be fighting with the four others with him so I run up to them. That was a mistake. I trip over something face planting right at their feet.
"Are you okay?" Asks the boy with the purple and white jacket offering me a hand up "Yeah I'm fine just tripped!" I say awkwardly smiling accepting his help "I'm Jin by the way." He says "And I'm the one and only Sky!" Says the boy with the amulet pointing at himself "I'm Shelby and he's Ross." Says the girl with the red hair pointing at the boy with glasses who is doing a little wave "You already know me." Says Cory.
"Well I'm Aphmau and all of you must have gotten powers too." I say "Yup, you guessed it!" Replies Sky "Then we all should continued north before it gets to late." Says Jin motioning us to follow.
After what felt like many hours of walking all six of us finally make it to the house. Sky immediately knocks on the door. A red headed man opens up the door and says "There are six rooms up stairs go knock yourself out." Exhausted we all just murmur in agreement and sleep in the rooms.

3rd Person POV
All six of the kids wake up around the same time in the morning and all go downstairs to the living room area. Shelby sits in a chair, across from her Aphmau sits in the other chair, Sky and Jin sit in the couch, and Cory and Ross sit on the floor. As soon as everyone is settled the red hair guy from last night walks in the room "Hello children I am Red!" "Why did we have to come out here?" Asks Jin "To train, what other reason?" Replies Red "What about our homes?!?" Asks Shelby "The second you put on those trinkets a spell was casted making everyone think you went off traveling the world or something like that." Says Red shrugging his shoulders "So they won't worry." "Sounds good to me." Says Cory.
"As I've already said I'm Red, I use to have the power of Fire." Red continues "Wait so you use to wear earrings?" Asks Aphmau making everyone laugh "No, they actually change depending on the person. It was a bracelet for me." Responds Red "So like what I have?" Asks Jin "Yeah. Well now I've introduced myself all of you need to introduce yourself and you power!" Shouts Red "Why'd you shout that?" Asks Sky "Because I can!" Answers Red.
"I-I'm Ross and I w-was given E-Earth." Stutters out Ross "It's good to see you coming out your shell Ross!" Says Shelby smiling. "I'm Sky and I have Wind!" Sky says proudly standing up "I'm Jin and I have Water." Says Jin waving "Aphmau here and I have the beautiful yet powerful Fire!" Aphmau says with a bit of sass "Well I'm Shelby and I have the power of Life!" Says Shelby cheerfully. "I'm Cory and I have..." Cory trails off "Have what?" Asks Sky "...Death." Murmurs Cory. Everyone gets a little wide eyed at hearing this while Cory just looks down at his necklace.
"Don't worry Cory just cause you have Death doesn't mean you're bad or the powers bad. It just means you'll be more prone to being captured by the enemy. Also so will Shelby." Says Red "What?!?" Shouts Shelby. Red turns into a more serious tone "The power of Life allows you to heal others and manipulate the light in the air to create illusions in front of the enemy. And Death. Death allows you to drain energy from your enemy rendering them helpless and to travel through the shadows." "Well damn this went from zero to a hundred real fast!" Says Sky.
Shelby sits on the floor next to Cory "I know just because your power is something that sounds really bad doesn't mean it has to be." She says hugging Cory. Cory blushes from Shelby's action and Aphmau whispers "I ship it!".
"Well now that everything is sorted let us train outside." Declares Red.

Yurie here and I just wanted to say not all the chapters will be as long as this one right here. So please don't expect chapters being this long on a regular basis. And thank you again for reading my story and hopefully I'll see you around. (^-^)

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