Chapter 12

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My head darts up and my eyes flutter open as I hear something shatter. I look around my apartment and I find myself lying on the living room floor. My brain wracks back to yesterday as I recall the boy that had literally fallen at my doorstep. My eyes dart to the couch to find it empty, with only a blood stain left on it. Astrid and I had worked to heal him but Derek had mentioned that a wound created by an Alpha could take longer to heal, even with the help of magic. I scurry to my feet as I hear another shatter. I trace the sound over to the kitchen and I slowly creep over to the entrance of my kitchen. As I peer into the kitchen I notice a slender figure arching over my kitchen counter. The person recognizes my presence and turns up to look at me. I let out a sigh of relief as I see he's the same boy from before. I reach my hand over and I turn on the light and I wait for the cozy kitchen to illuminate fully.

"Sorry for startling you, I just got really hungry." The boy says.

"It's fine, but what did you break?" I ask him.

"I tried to levitate the cereal bowl, I'm sorry miss." The boy says and I quirk an eyebrow at him for calling me miss.

"Listen kid, I'm a newly turned 21. So you can call me Bella." I say to him, and he nods hesitantly.

"I'm Cody by the way." He says to me.

"Well Cody it's nice to meet you and all but you do realize you have left me with a lot of questions, you know from knocking on my door and then falling into my apartment." I say to him.

"Um ok." Cody says before looking down at the pile of shattered glass that he made.

"Cody you can have some food first if you're hungry." I say to him and he looks up at me and smiles brightly. I walk over to the cupboard next to him and pull out a cereal bowl. I then make my way to the fridge and I open it up to look for the milk.

"I already found the milk." I here Cody say hesitantly. I turn around to face him again.

"You're one interesting kid aren't you Cody, how old are you anyways?" I ask him.

"Sixteen." Cody answers me before combing his fingers through his brown hair. He then turns and prepares his cereal. "That guy that was here before was he your boyfriend?" Cody asks.

"Yeah, wait how did you see Derek if you were still unconscious?" I ask him.

"He came back this morning and he knocked on the door a few times, I peeped out the little hole to get a better look at him." Cody admits.

"Well uh, that's interesting. Speaking of peep holes, where are your parents?" I ask him as I lean over onto my counter.

"How do peep wholes and parents relate?" Cody responds to my question with a question.

"Sorry dirty joke, bad timing. But where are your parents?" I ask him again.

"I've never met them, my sister and I come from a rundown part of New Orleans." Cody explains as he mixes his cereal with his spoon.

"And your sister?" I ask him.

"I don't know." Cody says quietly and I nod in understanding.

"So I guess you will be staying with me then, and don't think for a second that I'm going to be your soccer mom." I try to lighten the mood.

"You would really let me stay here?" Cody asks.

"Of course, coven is like family or at least that's what Astrid tells me."

"Astrid?" Cody asks before taking a spoonful of his cereal.

"Yeah, she was actually the first member of our cute little coven." I say to him.

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