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Ramadan Kareem :)

You know during Mannat and specially in TCTMH I sometimes used to write chapters worth 18 thousand words even more and all it used to take was like two days??? Yeah! But THIS extremely annoying piece of writing took me a whole three weeks.... :o seriously too much.

And still pata na kia khap maari hea dermiyan mein :( :D

So am sorry guys for such a long wait I think I have made a record in keeping you ppl wait for this :-p Apologies....

And as you all know me ;) my epilogues are always a little ambiguous like in TCTMH I didn't put Rehmat into that, then in Mannat I left you ppl with Zarrar Raheel Agha... so me being a total jerk ;) might leave you ppl once again with questions bombarding in your head so forgive me.... because I personally believe that few things should remain ambiguous because in that way you always remember the stories, somehow they keep on disturbing your brain. So yup! TD will disturb your brain as well ;) lolx

And last but not least this epilogue is dedicated to ChOcOliciOus her sweet sixteenth birthday <3  i hope am right and IT IS your sixteenth :-p  anywaysHappy birthday Love :* hope you like the gift ;)

Happy reading <3


Tehreem's POV

Reciting surah kahf I closed my Quran and kept it in my lap, my gaze went ahead where I saw thousands of people in front of me, all indifferent from the worldly problems, all worried about just one thing; their aakhirah. So was I

Once again I looked down and opened my Quran from somewhere in the middle and the next moment my heart thumped down in my stomach as I came face to face with that; that small blue note at the edge of the page, it was there since long, since Hussain returned me my Quran he maybe forgot to take it back but why would he have done so? There were many other notes he had taken at different places, I could never forget his handwriting.

On one hand it felt great imagining Hussain reading Quran, thinking and pondering over Rabb's hidaya but on the other hand this one particular note that gives me strange odd feelings, whenever I look at that I feel as if he wrote this for me, or maybe it's my own inner voice which strangles me every time I read that one word, that name I hated the most; iblees

Hussain thinks I am iblees?

Sahee he sochta hea, wo Adam hea or mein iblees. Wo gunehgaar tha mager usey apne gunah ka ahsaas to hua, wo roya, ghirgiraya apne Rabb k aagey or Rabb ne uski sun li. Or mein..... mein apni he ibadat k ghuroor mein iblees se shaytan ban gai.

My soul shuddered at my own thoughts; my throat went dry feeling thorns inside with my heart trembling in fear. "Nahee. Mein iblees nai hoon" a tear rolled down as I absentmindedly shook my head.

My heart denied what I was thinking, I can never be that bad. My Rabb can't hate me that much.

"nahee hoon mein iblees"

I got up over my feet, keeping my Quran close to my thumping heart I walked forward and stopped by a huge pillar near the staircase. I looked straight in front of me and instantly my heart felt solace.

It was encircled by thousands of people; brown, white, red, wheatish every kind and color of skin was visible in front of my eyes but still the aura of that huge black structure was prominent among everything and anything.

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