Chapter 1

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Pippa and I walked towardsthe theater between ours shows. She had taken me out to lunch as acongrats on being you date we had planned for a while. We weresipping iced coffees enjoying each others companies when a group offans ran up to us a little to aggressively for my taste andaccidently hit pippa to the ground and into the street. Their goalwas to hug me, and they had hurt pippa in doing so. She looked up andsuddenly saw a big bus rushing towards her. In a split second shewould have been killed, however I quickly reached down with bothhands and picked her up out of the street. She was shaking with fear,her eyes closed tightly. I would deal with the asshole who pushed herlater, but I had to convince her shaking body it was ok. I wrapped myarms around her and pulled her into a warm hug. I rubbed her back andheld her head close to mine.

"It's ok. It's ok, I gotyou. You're safe." she nodded and took a deep breath before turningback to the crowd. A crowd of more than just the fans had gathered towatch and make sure she was ok. I turned back to the man who pushedher, "Hey you. Don't you ever dare risking the life of one of oneof the closest people to me, to get a picture. There are other ways."he looked terribly ashamed and mumbled a sorry. With that, I made apath out of the crowd and with one arm barricading through people andthe other around pippa, we made our way to the theater.

Once inside I studied heragain. "You ok? That was a lot. I'm so sorry. Won't ever happenagain." she nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine. Justscary." I nodded in agreement. We signed in, and went our separateways to our dressing rooms but not before a hug and a peck on thecheek to say thanks for a lunch and I love you. I went up to my roomand shut the door behind myself. I collapsed into the couch myparents had gotten me. I looked up at my walls, the fan art, theletters. I studied the letter I had read at least a dozen times fromPippa. She had given it to me on opening night and it was thesweetest letter I had received presides the ones from my nephews whenthey went to camp, or when Sebastian decides he wants to practicedrawing and makes me pictures of circles and lines that in hislanguage mean DAD. I smiled looking at the letter and thinking aboutthat evening, that party. God, I was so drunk that night. I took outmy phone, replied to some texts from Vanessa about family dinnersand Tommy asking if I was here yet. 20 minutes later Chris, Daveedand Jasmine were all in my doorway. Several members of the cast whoweren't leaving July 9th were doing a concert the nightafter for us and they wanted to share some of the songs that werebeing written with me. After they left, jasmine stuck around and saton my dressing table chair. "Here you saved Pippa's life today?!"

I sighed recalling myheroic act.

"Yeah god, it was scaryJas. One minute she's next to me the next she was almost crushed by abus. I'm gonna send a tweet out about the need for fans to approachcautiously and be curdious and safe when asking for autographs andthings. This isn't the first time this has happened. I was with myniece hunter the other day and she and I were getting ice cream andthese teen girls came running up to us and sort of shoved hunter toget to me. They do it innocently because they want to see us, butit's dangerous and people get hurt."

"I agree. Happens toanthony and I all the time. Hell, we were on a date the other nightand got followed a couple of blocks!"

I shook my head indisbelief. "How is Pippa though? Have you seen her? Last I let hergo, she was still shaking with fear." jasmine looked concerned. "Ithink she's ok. Wanna go try and find her?"

I looked at my watch, sawwe had gobs of time and followed jasmine out and into the girlsdressing room suit. Pippa was sitting on the ground writing thank younotes, fan art replies and other things as we entered. I tapped hershoulder causing her to jump a little. "Hey! How are you?"

"Good! Fine now." shereplied a little embarrased and laughing. She saw my concerned look."Honestly lin, I am ok. Haha you look like my father."

"Just trying to protectmy precious eliza." she rolled her eyes, "And peggy." I addedin the voice of jasmine's. The girls laughed and let me stay and hangout with them till I was summoned back to put on my costume. Once incostume and my hair was done I met our producers outside my dressingroom who told me tomorrow me Pippa and Leslie were all to do ainterview together. Then out of curiosity he asked what tomorrow'sham4ham show would be.

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