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"Yuuichiro! Get out of bed!" A loud, rapid banging sounded from my window. The hell? I thought my room was on the second floor...

I stood up quickly, pulling the shades up. Shinoa waved, brown eyes and lavender hair the only thing I could see. "Hurry up!" A voice shouted below her. I pulled it open, peering over the ledge. A tower of my friends was below. Mitsuba was below her, Yoichi pulling up the bottom. Kimizuki was the only one who did not partake in it, standing to the side. Smart.

 "I'll be down in a minute. Why are we getting up so early?" I asked Shinoa.

 "There's a circus in town. We're going tonight, but it takes a little bit to get there." She explained.

 "Okay," I began, closing the window. I heard a 'catch me!' Shouted, and three loud thuds. God, I should've seen that play out before I had already turned away.

My room was really simple, a twin bed pressed against brown walls, desk against the opposite facing wall with shelves hanging above it, both decorated with items I have bought, found, or was gifted. The laptop on it was closed, showing off a large dragon sticker. Thrown into the middle of the room was a shaggy rug in a creamy color. pulled on my clothes, black pants, and a grey hoodie, zipped up fully. "Yuuichiro, why are your friends scattered across the front of our house groaning in pain?" My mom called out from downstairs.

 "Human tower."
"Why didn't they knock?" The answer was simple- they merely wanted to take the more difficult way over the blatantly obvious and easier way.

 "Where is it.." I mumbled, tossing my sheets up. I found my phone once it was sailing in the air and caught it with a hand quickly, allowing the blankets to fall as I turned, leaving the room behind me as I jogged down the stairs rather swiftly, leaping over the final step.

My mother was discovered in the kitchen, chopping madly into peppers. She was standing at the island, made of a grey granite. She mumbled to herself as she read from a newspaper. "I'm going out." I waved to her. She nodded mindlessly, giving me permission to leave for the day. The window above the sink allowed bright sunlight in, along with the broad Windows behind the dining table in the rather vast kitchen. I walked past the kitchen, through the short hall with a cupboard holding a shocking amount of towels two people couldn't possibly share. But we did. Along with those towels were candles, kept safe for the chance another power outage were to occur.

"Hi." Kimizuki greeted as he hauled Yoichi to his feet, four blobs of colors. Coral, lavender, yellow, and brown. "Let's go." I gestured. Shinoa bolted up, dragging Mitsuba with her. We headed off to the train station, shuffling along the mass of people packed together. I took the front, the rest in pairs behind me. As a way to pass the time, we all played games. Bejewelled for the four of them, a puzzle game on my phone for myself. I glanced out to the scenery as it raced past, before returning sights upon the screen. When the train pulled to an abrupt stop, I fell out of my seat with the other four merely falling over. "Now there's only one person who hasn't fallen today." I mumbled. They laughed, pulling me up, two on each arm. Our friendship was strange. One minute we would be ridiculing one of our own, the next laughing at a stupid joke on a Popsicle stick. We filed through the small corridor of the vehicle, other people joining us although they didn't dare separate the four of us apart.

We walked through the streets, cars passing by in multicolor blurs, a rainbow in the corner of my vision. Mitsuba was going through our tickets next to me with her head down, eyes scanning them quickly. She handed them out, picking up pace. She only stopped to shout at someone for running into her. Welcome to Boston, kids. The only place besides from New York where you can be an asshole in public.

"Welcome to Cirque Tristesse..." Kimizuki read aloud as we passed the sign that had been put up. The building itself was large, not the circus tent we were expecting. Pillars and large steps were in the front, the sign perched upon an empty wall.

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