But Percy knew that wasn't why Bruce told her to remain a secret for now. He just didn't want the Justice League getting wind of her. That way, she could meet them when she was ready. And, Dick had added, it would be hilarious to see their reaction.

Tonight, the trio of them were going after the criminal, Penguin who had stolen some priceless artifacts from a museum. They silently jumped across rooftops until they got to the museum and then surveyed the scene. Percy also didn't use her powers in front of criminals so that they would underestimate her. If they were ever up against a very powerful enemy and they knew her, they wouldn't think she had any powers, which would give her, and the team, an enormous advantage.

Down below, Penguin was loading the objects into a getaway van. Batman and Robin quietly dropped down behind the van. Batman tapped Penguin on the shoulder and, when he turned around, he punched him in the face. All of a sudden, Penguin's henchmen appeared. The dynamic duo looked at each other and had a silent conversation. Robin went after the two henchmen, while Batman took care of Penguin.

During the fight, Penguin pulled out his umbrella and opened it. Blades started to spin on it and he swung it at Batman. Batman ducked and swept Penguin's legs from underneath him.

On the other side, one of the henchmen landed a hit on Robin and he groaned in pain. Batman looked over to see if he was okay and Penguin took the opportunity to run.

He only got as far as a couple meters before Percy appeared and tripped him. He looked up just in time to see a slightly smirking face before he was knocked out cold. Batman and Robin finished off the henchmen and handcuffed them.

"Nice one," Robin commented and held out a fist for Percy to bump. Percy rolled her eyes but bumped it anyways.

Batman cocked his head slightly to signify he was listening to his earpiece.

"I'll be there in a minute," he affirmed.

"What's up, B?" Percy asked him.

"Superman wants me on a JL mission," Bruce replied, "I have to go, but you guys stay on patrol."

Percy nodded. "Go save the world. σ'αγαπώ." (Love you.)

"σ'αγαπώ," Batman replied and grappled away.

"Come on Robin," Seabird grinned at him, "Let's go take down some bad guys."

---------------------------------------------------------**Time Skip**------------------------------------------------------------

As it turns out, Gotham's streets were pretty calm that night, so the two superheroes retired to the Cave. Dick, thinking it was too early to sleep, got out of his costume, but stayed up to train with Percy. They threw punches and kicks at each other, Percy holding back slightly. In the end, she had Dick pinned to the ground with her arm. She got up and helped him up as well.

"You're getting better," she praised him.

Dick pouted. "And you're still holding back."

"You're forgetting I have over 20 years of experience under my utility belt," she reminded him, getting a snort for the horrible pun.

"Still, what's your secret?" he asked, getting himself a drink of water.

"There's a big difference between training to save people and training to survive," she replied lightly, to keep the conversation from taking a slightly darker turn.

Dick got the message. "Yes, there is."

Percy changed the subject. "So, can we see what Bruce is doing?"

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