Chapter 9

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**Time Skip 2 Months**

"Why not?" Percy all but snapped at Bruce.

"Because I don't want you to," Bruce ground out, glaring at Percy.

"That's not a real answer."

"Just drop it," Bruce grit in frustration.

"No! Not until you tell me exactly why not!" Percy crossed her arms and stood her ground.

"Forget it."

"No. It's not fair! Why are you being so stubborn?"

"It doesn't matter. No means no."

"But why? Is it because you don't think I can?"


"Is it because you want to do it alone?"


"Then WHY-"

"Because I don't want to lose you!" Bruce finally exploded.

Percy stopped in her tracks and looked at him, shocked. Bruce was standing firmly, glaring at nothing in particular. The anger melted from her immediately and she wrapped her arms around him.

"Hey, you won't lose me," she spoke softly to Bruce.

"You don't know that. This is dangerous."

"You think I don't know that? I know this can be risky at times, but I need to do this. After the prophecies and the wars ended, I feel like my life became so meaningless. I was so used to saving people and then suddenly I had a 9 to 5 job training kids and studying the ocean. I miss that feeling of helping people. If I'm able to, why should I?"

Bruce was hesitating, Percy could tell.

"Besides," she added, "I can defend myself. I've been training since I was 6. And I have powers."

He was almost convinced. Percy looked him straight in the eye.

"Bruce, I need to do this. I need to be a hero."

Bruce finally sighed. "Fine. But you have to promise to be safe."

Percy grinned and kissed him. "I promise."

"First things first," Percy started, then paused and Bruce gave her a questioning look.

"I need a suit."

---------------------------------------------------------**Time Skip**------------------------------------------------------------

"How do I look?" Percy asked, turning around and then back to the front again.

"Badass," Dick replied.

Bruce smirked and said, "Like a hero."

Percy grinned in response.

Percy's costume was a black suit with dark sea-green accents. It was a kevlar padded bodysuit with hidden pockets. She had black gloves and boots. She wore a long cape that was black on the outside and dark sea-green on the inside. On her waist was a utility belt identical to Batman's but in the same green color. On her face was a black domino mask that covered up most of her features. On her chest was a bird insignia, also in the dark sea-green.

"Ready Seabird?" Batman asked her.


---------------------------------------------------------**Time Skip**------------------------------------------------------------

For the next couple months, Percy fought Gotham villains with Bruce and Dick. However, Percy fought more in the shadows and the criminals never got a look at her face. They didn't know who she was, and some doubted she even existed. She was a secret weapon.

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