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My memories...

are tear stained
each drop distorting
the colors mixing
and my head caught
in a swirl of emotion
helplessly lost

And my only anchor...
Can't seem to reply

All it would take is a few taps of their thumbs and I would be grounded

But they don't give a fuck

And the truth is...

I'm wide awake
My head throbbing,
legs shaking,
palms sweaty,
nails scratching,
wrists aching,
my entire body vibrating with the hum of my anxiety

I am spinning
and I have no control
I am desperately yearning
for someone to save me


I can't help the feeling that I want to rip out my heart and pull out my hair and open my skin feel the blood and tear open my being and loose my purpose and find you and be someone else and hide behind a mask of happiness and feel the sting of a life worth living and


until my chest aches, aches and burns and yearns, of days past when...

when... you cared


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