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(This book has a sequel (or trilogy) and also has a Russian translation too. Rated Mature and check this book's Interviewing Characters in the external link)

Dedicate to Olga_GOA

Genre: Romance (Erotica+Psychology)

Interviewing characters: Milano Veneziani. Veronica Ledyanova.



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(Book cover)

Hello Mr. Milano and Ms. Veronica! Mind telling the viewers what you're wearing?

Buon giorno, signorina Melody Sato. I think a lot of women are interested in my body, not my clothes. *Smirks, then smiling wide* Or they are interested to meet me, then take my clothes off better than see my outfit.

Veronica appeals to M: Milano, stop it!!! I'm sorry, Miss Sato *Turns to Mel*. He's sometimes not tactful at all. *She shakes her head, looking at Milano*

M: Okay, ladies. *He smiles, winking at Miss Sato and Veronica* My outfit today is black jacket, black trousers and my favorite vanilla shirt. *Continues with seductive tembre* Veronica loves to take it off...and...

V: MILANO! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Oh... Sorry, ma'am. Sorry. Actually he's quite at home. *Pierces Milano with her eyes*I can say about my outfit one thing - I love green color, that's why I put my favorite dress on. It is а perfect fit, the skirt part of my dress is a tight fit and the top shows a value of my figure as well. It's short but in such summer as in Rome's city, it's really comfortable.

M: *Explores Veronica's outfit with squinting eyes* Yeah, my dear. Your dress so perfect as you.

*Drools at Milano but stops after Boss yell at her* Uh...how fashionable and well matched couple you two look! What is your story about and how much rating (reads) has it gotten?

M & V: Thank you, dear. We really appreciate it.

M: Specially, I do. I love when girls give me so much compliments about my style. *Lifts his chin up and Veronica laughs at his pomposity*

V: So, ma'am. I reply on your question.

FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION got 133K views and 10.3K votes, and we are happy about that even our writer thinks that maybe she have been worked better than she did. Actually I don't think so. I think she did great job, she put a lot of heart and soul in our story and that's why she so tired now. She lost her energy, she needs relax.

M: Better in night, in a bed... *He smiles shamelessly*

V: Milano! How you can tell such things about our creator!? Oh... *Veronica rolls her eyes*

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